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Victory Tour
Victory Tour
Victory Tour

What is there to say about a tour that is already legendary?

Tour Dates:
[July 6, 1984 - December 9, 1984]

The Jacksons' last tour, the "Victory" tour, feat. 55 concerts to about 2 million loving fans, criss-crossing the USA and Canada over the course of 5 months.

[A few pictures of the "Victory" Tour: ]
Victory Tour Victory Tour
Victory Tour Victory Tour
[Click to enlarge]
The Jacksons' "Victory" tour became the then-biggest tour any group had ever done!
Concert Written & Designed by: Michael Jackson and The Jacksons
Produced by: Jacksons Entertainment Corporation
[in Association with Larry Larson]
Victory Tour Choreographed by: Marlon, Michael and Jackie Jackson
Staging Design Executor: Ian Knight
Lighting Design: Robert A. Roth and James K. Chapman
[for Source Point Design]

Director of Security:
Asst. Chief of Security
Security for Marlon Jackson
Security for Jackie Jackson
Security for Tito Jackson
Security for Michael Jackson
Security for Randy Jackson
Security for Jermaine Jackson

Bill Bray

Jack Cole
James Anderson
Wayne Sharif
Steve Wallace
Charles "Chuckey" Dibais
Charles E. Lee, Jr.
Ron Spurlock

Specialty Costumes Designed by:

Michael Jackson and Ted Shell
Jackson Costumes Designed by: Bill Whitten
Personal Management - Michael Jackson: Frank Dileo
Personal Management - The Jacksons: Jack Nance
Interesting Facts:

The "Victory" tour reunited Jermaine with his brothers on stage for the first time in over 8 years.

It took 4 months to construct the "Victory" concert stage.

Tickets for some venues i.e., The Meadowlands, NJ were sold via lottery.

While in New York, The Jacksons stayed at the "Helmsley Palace Towers". The "New York Penta Hotel", which is across from Madison Square Garden, displayed six 40 foot busts of The Jacksons - entitled "Pepsi Presents The Jacksons".

During the "Victory" shows in Detroit, Michigan, Michael shouted "We love you Motown" to the crowd in "Motor City" where he recorded his first number one hit 15 years earlier.

Jacksons and Eddie Van Halen
[Eddie Van Halen and Beat It]
On July 4, 1984 Eddie Van Halen joined The Jacksons on stage for a "Beat It" guest appearance playing electric guitar.

At the last show of the tour, performed at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, Michael announced his split from The Jacksons during "Shake Your Body [Down To The Ground]".

The "Victory" tour reportedly grossed US$ 75 million and set a new record for the then-largest grossing tour.

Michael donated all his performance money from this tour to charity: "For me, that was what the "Victory" tour was all about - giving back!"

The "Torture" video was played before the concert at some venues.

In New Jersey, Jermaine replaced "You Like Me Don't You" with "Dynamite" which he performed during the rest of the tour.

Chuck Sullivan was the other concert promoter alongisde Don King. Also, Frank Russo was considered for the job as tour promoter.

Mick Jagger offered to perform State of Shock live with Michael during one of the concerts.

Jackie Jackson was the only member not present on the tour due to a knee injury. Jackie made a full recovery and joined the Jacksons on stage during the final show in L.A.

The stage was reportedly 90ft high and 90ft wide.

Frank Oz designed the muppet monster for the "Sword in the Stone" intro.

The Jacksons were reportedly supposed to extend the Victory Tour as a world tour, but Michael wrote Don King a letter telling him he had no interest in doing so, and left the group after the speech in Dodger Stadium.

Michael's speech announcing his split was unexpected by the Jackson brothers and all those in the audience.

Michael had 4 new dance moves invented for the tour: Moonwalk in place, Magic moonwalk, sidewalk in place, and forwards moonwalk. He was not allowed to use the sidewalk, as he was confined by his brothers wishes. The forwards moonwalk was not used, only in Dallas for one night. Plus, Billie Jean was not as polished due to this confinement, hence he had more freedom to choreograph his work on the BAD Tours and onward.

Notable celebs who attended the show included: Emmanuel Lewis, Cindi Lauper, Steven Spielberg, Quincy Jones, Eric Estrada, Andy Warhol, Sir Paul McCartney, Julian and Sean Lennon, Yoko Ono, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, Diana Ross, Lionel Richie, Smokey Robinson, Billy Joel, Brooke Shields, Eddie Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, James Brown, and Chuck Berry.

[Further interesting facts that should be mentioned here? - please feel free to e-mail me... Your help is very much appreciated!!!]

Jackson Musicians:
Jermaine Jackson - Bass
Tito Jackson - Guitar
Randy Jackson - Keyboards/Congas
Rory Kaplan - Keyboards
Pat Leonard - Keyboards
Jonathan Moffett - Drums
David Williams - Guitars
Jai Winding - Keyboards
Gregg Wright - Guitars

Tour Photographer:
Harrison Funk

Victory Tour - Setlist

Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
Things I Do For You
Off The Wall
Human Nature
Heartbreak Hotel
She's Out Of My Life
Jermaine Jackson Solo:
[Let's Get Serious I You Like Me Don't You I Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin'] with Michael
Jackson 5 Medley [I Want You Back I The Love You Save I I'll Be There]
Rock With You
Lovely One
Working Day And Night
Beat It
Billie Jean
Shake Your Body [Down To The Ground]


Victory World Tour - Tour Dates:

Check out the full list of Victory Tour dates.

Tour Program: 
Victory - Tour Program

Victory Tour - Tourstart Review:
Newsweek July 1984
Read what NEWSWEEK - July 16, 1984 - had to say about the legendary Victory Tour's opening night in Kansas City and more.

NEWSWEEK is one of the most important US magazines.

Pepsi Presents:

    A Don King, Joseph and Katherine Jackson Event
    Promoted by Stadium Management Corporation
    Produced by Jacksons Entertainment Corporation in Association With Larry Larson


    Tour Coordinator: Larry Larson
    Assistant to the Tour Coordinator: Marla Winston
    Production Manager: Peyton Wilson
    Stage Manager: Mike Hirsh
    Assistant Production Manager: Gary Bouchard
    Production Consultant: Ken Graham
    Assistant to the Production Manager: Debbie Lyons
    Assistant Stage Manager: Pee Wee Jackson
    Site Coordinators: John "Bugzee" Hougdahl, Jose Ward
    Stage Construction and Engineering: Plainview, Inc. - John McGraw
    Robotic Lighting: Design - Michael Jackson
    Eidophor Video Projection: M.B. Productions, Inc.
    Design Execution & Manufacturing: Applied Entertainment Systems
    Lighting Company: TASCO
    Site Coordinators : Bugzee Hougdahl & Jose Ward
    Sound Company: Clair Brothers Audio
    House Mixers: M.L. Procise & Mike Stahl
    Laser Effects: Showlasers, Inc., Dallas, Texas
    Musicians Costumes Design: Enid Jackson
    Magical Illusions: Franz Harary
    Video Director: Sandy Fullerton
    Opening [Kreeton] Overture:
Written by: Michael Jackson, Jai Winding and Pat Leonard
Produced by: Michael Jackson and Jai Winding
Arranged by: Marty Paitch and Jerry Hey
    Jackson Crew Sportswear: NIKE

Tour Business Support:

    Tour Consultant: MCA Inc.
    Road Manager: Nelson Hayes
    Assistant Road Manager: John Kuramoto
    Michael Jackson Business Management: Marshall Gelfand
    Legal - Michael Jackson: John Branca and Gary Stiffelman
    Legal - Jermaine Jackson: Joel Katz
    Press - The Jacksons' Tour Publicity: Howard Bloom Organization
    Press Representative for Michael Jackson: Norman Winter Associates
    Press Coordinators: Ginny Buckley, Neil Friedman
    Tour Book Design & Art Direction: Norman Moore
    Tour Book Photography: Harrison Funk, Mathew Rolston, Greg Gorman, Leon le Cash and Don Camp

Special Thanks:

    Epic Records
    John Coulter, Karen Faye, Carmé Tenuta, Victor Vidal and Stanley S. Sabin


    Musical Support: Yamaha
    Tour Jackets Designer: Jeff Lancaster and Janice Takahashi
[for California Custom Jackets, Los Angeles]
    Yamaha Equipment: Housed in Anvil Road Cases
    Special Thanks to: Doug Buttleman

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