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Michael Jackson: Life After Death

Over five years have passed since the King of Pop tragically left this world for the next on June 25 2009. We all know how hard it has been to come to terms with the loss of Michael Jackson, but we can take some comfort in the fact that his legacy lives on in glowing fashion. It’s not how long we stay in this world that really counts; it’s what we do with our time and the memories we leave.

An enduring musical influence

The influence Michael has had on the progression of pop music cannot be underestimated, and you’ll find the stamp of his distinctive sound in the music of countless pop stars today. Perhaps the most notable disciple of Michael’s style is one Justin Timberlake, the former N-Sync man turned international pop icon turned suave, suited crooner. Timberlake’s sweet falsetto and dynamic, high-tempo delivery owe a tremendous debt to ‘Smooth Criminal’-era Michael Jackson. Check out the master and the student combined brilliantly in this one track, ‘Love Never Felt so Good’.

Dance moves shape the good times

Perhaps the most beautiful legacy of Michael Jackson is the way in which his music, his dance-moves and his unique personality have now become part of the culture of our happiest times. As party anthems go, few can compete with the mighty ‘Thriller’, where incredible musicianship meets those killer, iconic dance moves that have had a massive impact on the way we dance when we’re out with our friends. If you’ve ever pulled out a fast spin, zombie-esque stagger or a moonwalk in the club, you’re embodying the Michael Jackson legacy through your happiness!

Lighting up the Vegas Strip

If you know and love Michael Jackson, you can probably imagine just how much he would have loved having his own show at the Cirque du Soleil! Michael Jackson: One, alongside numerous productions around the world, has proven a run-away success with staggering production values and, of course, some iconic pop music at its heart. Jackson's legacy doesn't just manifest in the Cirque du Soleil, it's in the very fiber of the casino gaming industry which is at the heart of the Jewel in the Desert - you can now see Michael Jackson slots popping up on sites like www.JackpotCityCasino.com and in real life Vegas casinos.

Continued commercial success

Michael’s commercial success as shown no signs of abating in the aftermath of his death, with his second posthumous album, the eight-track Xscape, released to widespread critical and popular acclaim. This one-of-a-kind artist’s star looks set to shine long into the future!

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