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Michael Jackson News May 2001

May 31, 2001: David Gest Talks About MSG Concert !!!

The following has been taken from Planet Jackson:

In a recent issue of the the Hollywood Reporter, journalist Robert Osborne talks about Michael Jackson's forthcoming concert event at Madison Square Garden. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Produced by showman-entrepreneur David Gest, a pal of M.J.'s since they were kids together, the event is called "Michael Jackson-The Solo Years: The 30th Anniversary Celebration" to commemorate two Jackson landmarks: the September 1971 release of Michael's first solo record [Motown's "Got To Be There"] and September's release of his first new album in five years.

"It's going to be a party to end all parties,"
said Gest, who has proved that he knows how to throw one, notably a rouser in December in that same Madison Square Garden space. Gest will also fly in more than 200 celebrities and dignitaries from around the world. Rare for a Gest show, this will be taped for television. Although he has produced literally hundreds of television specials and/or live galas, including ones for Princess Diana and Houston, Gest said: "I usually don't like to do events like this one for television because the feel and the flow are so different when there are cameras around. But it would be a crime not to televise this one. The great challenge is going to be making sure this feels as if there is no camera interference." Adds David Gest, "I must say, I've never been more excited about any show I've produced as I am about this one." The available 20'000 seats at the Garden are expected to be sold within not hours but minutes.

[source: Planet Jackson]

May 29, 2001: Casting For MSG Concert !!!
The following has been taken from Backstage:

6/6 at 10AM, 1PM & 4PM at SIR Studios, 310 W. 52 St., NYC.

Casting for an all-star salute to "The King of Pop", "Michael Jackson: The Solo Years 30th Anniversary Celebration". David Gest, prod'r; Brian Thomas & Glenn Packard, choreos.

Seeking professional male and female dancers versatile in jazz and hip-hop for a one-night performance at Madison Square Garden, to be televised on network television. All ethnic backgrounds are encouraged. AFTRA rates apply. Must be available July 15 - Sept. 7 for rehearsals.

Also seeking tumblers and specialty acts. Auditions will be held Wed. June 6 at 10AM for tumblers and specialty acts [three minutes max], 1PM for male jazz and hip-hop combo. dancers, and 4PM for female jazz and hip-hop combo. dancers at SIR Studios, 310 W. 52 St. [between 8 and 9 aves.], NYC.

Callbacks will be held Thurs. June 7. AFTRA/NON-AFTRA PERFORMERS. [First posted 5/25].

Additional notices only available to members of Backstage.com [see Michael Jackson Celebration]. Click here to visit Backstage.com's website.

[source: Backstage]

May 22, 2001: Award For Michael From His Fans
The following has been taken from MJFC:

The King of Pop is getting ready to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his solo career with a spectacular star-studded concert at Madison Square Garden. Have you ever wanted to be able to say, "Thank you"? To tell Michael what his music has meant to you over the years? To show him what an important part of your life he has been? Well, now is finally your chance!

A wonderful artist named Nijel has been commissioned to sculpt an award to be presented to Michael during his celebratory concert at Madison Square Garden! MJFC has been informed by the organizers of the concert, that there will be opportunity to present Michael with this very special fan award.

[source: MJFC]

May 22, 2001: Album Release Date!
The following has been taken from Planet Jackson:

Michael Jackson and Sony Music have now come to a final decision with regards to the release date for the new album.

Michael Jackson's new album will either be released on September 18th or September 25th. It is Michael Jackson's will to do his utmost to release the album before September 30th.

[source: Planet Jackson]

May 17, 2001: CBS Plans To Broadcast New York Concert
NEW YORK [Reuters/Variety] - Wednesday May 17, 2001:

CBS' lineup, disclosed to advertisers Wednesday at a Carnegie Hall presentation, is almost as notable for what's missing as for what made the cut. Long-running staples "Diagnosis Murder" and "Nash Bridges" have both been axed, as has the network's Wednesday movie franchise.

For midseason, CBS has ordered "First Monday", ensuring that the network, like ABC, will have a midseason series about the Supreme Court. CBS also announced plans to broadcast the September tribute concert to Michael Jackson, an "I Love Lucy" anniversary special and a "Carol Burnett Show" reunion.

[source: Reuters/Variety]

May 16, 2001: Michael & Bubbles Sculpture Fetches Record Sum!
NEW YORK [Reuters] - Wednesday May 16, 2001:

New record for Koons at New York art auction

New records were set Tuesday for the artists Jeff Koons and Gerhard Richter at Sotheby's spring contemporary art auction, with Koons' sculpture "Michael Jackson and Bubbles" fetching $ 5.6 million, obliterating the previous mark of $ 1.8 million.

The large 1988 porcelain sculpture, which the auction house described as melding "pop culture and high art", depicts the so-called King of Pop reclining with his arm around a monkey. It was bought by an anonymous bidder for $ 5'615'750, well above its pre-sale estimate of $ 3 million to $ 4 million.

The piece, one of three in a set by Koons, smashed the old record for the artist of $ 1'817'500 and was the No. 2 lot of the sale, which took in $ 45'312'400, including the premium for Sotheby's. That was well within the estimate of $ 38.5 million to $ 53.8 million.

Please see April 19, 2001 news-bit for a picture of this great artwork!

[source: Reuters]

May 10, 2001: Cancelled: HIStory Volume 1 - Re-Issue
The following has been taken from Planet Jackson:

Michael Jackson has decided to cancel the release of "HIStory - Greatest Hits - Volume I". The compilation CD won't be released after all.

Except for a few copies mistakenly put on the market last March by Sony Music Argentina in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, all existing copies of the record have been destroyed.

[source: Planet Jackson]

May 10, 2001: Beatles Catalog Not For Sale!!
The following has been taken from Planet Jackson:

Adressing rumors that appeared in the media earlier this week, Michael Jackson issued a statement today to inform the press that he has no intention to sell the ATV Music catalog that contains most of the Beatles’ songs.

States Michael Jackson, “I want to clarify a silly rumor: the Beatles catalog is not for sale, has not been for sale and will never be for sale."

[source: Planet Jackson]

May 06, 2001: VH1 Names Thriller Greatest Video Of All Time!
NEW YORK [AP] - Wednesday May 02, 2001:

VH1 Ranks 100 Greatest Videos

Michael Jackson's "Thriller", a mini-movie that was more of a pop culture event than a mere music video, topped VH1's list of the "100 Greatest Videos", which the cable music channel released Tuesday.

Clocking in at 17 minutes and directed by John Landis, "Thriller", was much hyped before its 1983 premiere on VH1's precursor and sister channel, MTV, and it helped catapult Jackson's album of the same name to the top of the all-time best-seller list.

The video features Jackson turning into a werewolf after going on a date to a scary movie, then performing one of his signature dance routines with a gaggle of ghouls behind him.

Coming in second was Madonna's "Like a Prayer", which caused a stir for depicting the pop diva kissing a black Jesus figure. Madonna had six videos on the list, more than any other artist. Her "Justify My Love", which MTV refused to air in 1990 because of its kinky sexual images, came in seventh.

Jackson had the second-highest number of videos on the list with five. The high-tech, black-and-white video for "Scream", a duet with his sister, Janet, was No. 9.

Several animated videos made the list. Peter Gabriel's colorful, stop-action extravaganza, "Sledgehammer", came in third overall. The video for the Norwegian trio A-ha's "Take on Me", which combined live action and comic book-style pencil drawings, was No. 8. Rounding out the top 10 were Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit", the first hit from the pioneering Seattle grunge band, at No. 4; the dramatic "November Rain" by Guns N' Roses at No. 5; Pearl Jam's "Jeremy", with its images of school violence, at No. 6; and Herbie Hancock's mechanical "Rockit" at No. 10.

More than half the videos - 53, to be exact - first appeared in the 1980s, the decade when the music video explosion occurred. The oldest video, Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues", was made in 1967. It's No. 28. Three of the videos first appeared in 2000: Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Californication" at No. 35; Creed's "With Arms Wide Open" at No. 92; and Bon Jovi's "It's My Life" at No. 97. And the first video MTV aired when it began life in 1981, The Buggles' "Video Killed the Radio Star", only reached No. 79 on the list.

VH1 will air a series of specials on the "100 Greatest Videos'" at 10 p.m. EDT, May 7-11. A panel of music experts at the channel ranked the videos.

[source: AP]





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