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Michael Jackson News March 2001

March 29, 2001: Out On DVD: Dame Elizabeth Taylor

Reminder for all Michael Jackson collectors:

The extraordinary event Dame Elizabeth Taylor - A Musical Celebration, which took place in May 2000 at Royal Albert Hall in London, U.K., is available on DVD now.

You can order the DVD of this incredible evening with Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson online at Amazon. The DVD was released on March 19, 2001


March 26, 2001: Michael Launches International Book Club

The following has been taken from AP:

NEWARK, N.J.: Hoping to promote literacy, family time and health - as well as his new children's charity - pop icon Michael Jackson visited a multiplex theater here to give away books to young people.

The event Sunday [March 25, 2001] at the Loews theater on Springfield Avenue, which also was attended by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and Newark Councilman Cory Booker, served as the launching of the Michael Jackson International Book Club.

Boteach is the author of "Kosher Sex" and a friend of both Jackson's and Booker's. He and Jackson run the children's charity Heal the Kids. The councilman and Jackson have met occasionally at dinners at Boteach's Englewood home.

The book club will promote childhood reading throughout the world.


March 23, 2001: Michael Meets Israeli Prime Minister

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon sits with pop star Michael Jackson, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and psychic Uri Geller at a private reception in New York on March 22, 2001.

Sharon attended the reception at the conclusion of a three-day visit to the United States. Sharon told reporters that Jackson said he was a "big fan of Israel".

[source: Reuters]

March 20, 2001: Michael Inducted Into Hall Of Fame !!

Aerosmith joined Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, Queen and Steely Dan in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Monday [March 19, 2001].

Both Simon and Jackson already were members - Simon as part of the 1960s duo Simon & Garfunkel and Jackson as part of the Jackson 5 - and were being honored for their solo work!!

Jackson, who broke his foot recently at his ranch, hobbled on stage after a tribute by boy band 'NSync.

"As you can see, there's not going to be any moonwalking tonight," said Jackson.

in a typically short speech, Jackson thanked Motown founder Berry Gordy and Diana Ross, whom he called his "second mother".

He also paid tribute to his parents for blessing him with his talent. "To me, the gift of music has been a great blessing, from the time I was a child," Jackson said.

Jackson's 1982 "Thriller" is the biggest selling album in history!

Jackson gave a brief acceptance speech and apologized because his broken foot prevented him from moonwalking.

He posed for pictures for the press, but declined to answer any questions.

The ceremony, at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, was being taped for telecast Wednesday on VH1.

The names of honorees are on exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland.

On March 21, 2001 VH1 will air the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction - set your vcr's!!

[source: AP, Reuters, New York Daily News]


March 18, 2001: Michael To Be Inducted Into Hall Of Fame

Tomorrow [March 19, 2001], Michael Jackson will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame as a Solo Artist.

The sixteenth annual induction ceremony for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame will take place at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. VH1 will air the ceremony on March 21, 2001.

Michael was already inducted along with the rest of the Jackson 5 in 1997.

Musicians become eligible for induction twenty-five years after the release of their first album, and sidemen become eligible twenty-five years after the commencement of their career.

[source: Rolling Stone]

March 18, 2001: Michael's Message For "Wetten dass...?"

The most successful European TV show "Wetten dass...?" ["Wanna bet...?"] is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Michael Jackson recorded a special message for the occasion.

Michael's kind words for the TV Special:
"Hi, this is Michael Jackson. I'd like to say hello to all my fans in Germany and ZDF. Congratualtion for 20th of Anniversary of 'Wetten dass...?'. Thomas, there will be at least 20 more successfull years. Ich liebe Euch."

[source: ZDF]

March 18, 2001: Michael On The Cover Of Hello Magazine

Michael Jackson is on the cover of the latest issue of "Hello" magazine from the U.K.

"Michael Jackson - Best Man At Uri Geller's Extraordinary Wedding"

The magazine is available now and feat. some world exclusive pictures of Michael.

[source: Hello Magazine]

March 18, 2001: HIStory Greatest Hits Released In Argentina

Although Sony Music International has officially postponed the release of Michael Jackson's "HIStory - Greatest Hits - Volume I", Sony Music Argentina has released the record on March 03, 2001.

Argentina is the only country where the CD is currently available commercially.

The release is the result of a mistake; the record should not have been distributed so early. Nevertheless, it is now on sale throughout Argentina and has become quite a hit there. Since its release, 2'500 copies of "HIStory Greatest Hits" have been sold, making it a success on that rather small market.

On another note, contrary to various reports, Michael Jackson's reissued classics, "Off The Wall", "Thriller", "Bad" and "Dangerous", haven't been released in Japan yet. As of now, Michael Jackson's "Expanded Edition Series" albums are planned to be globally released worldwide on June 18, 2001 [Europe] and June 19, 2001 [USA].

[source: Planet Jackson]

March 18, 2001: Michael Cleared Of Plagiarism Charges

In the final chapter of a trial that started in 1995, Michael Jackson has been totally cleared of plagiarism allegations brought about by Italian songwriter Al Bano in 1992.

The Rome appeals court has ruled that Michael Jackson was not guilty of plagiarism allegations and didn't steal a part of the melody of Al Bano's 1987 song "I Cigni Di Balaka'' in composing "Will You Be There".

In May 1999, a lower court in Rome found Michael Jackson guilty of plagiarism and ordered him to pay court costs. But Michael Jackson's lawyers appealed the decision. This week's ruling finally puts an end to this criminal trial.

In 1999, in a separate civil case inititated by Al Bano and involving the same song, a Milan court had also found Michael Jackson not guilty of copyright infringement.

[source: Planet Jackson]

March 18, 2001: Michael Salutes Janet's Career - MTV Icon

On March 13, 2001 MTV USA aired the first MTV Icon Gala, a new annual tribute show to honor artists who made a significant contribution to the recording industry.

Janet Jackson was the first artist to become an MTV Icon.

During the show, Michael Jackson appeared in a pre-recorded video clip where he congratulated his sister, saying: "Janet, I am so thrilled that you are being honored tonight. No one deserves this more than you. You have achieved so much and you will only keep climbing higher and higher. Your talent knows no boundaries. I am honored and proud to be your brother. I love you."

[source: Planet Jackson]

March 18, 2001: Re-Issues - New Release Date !!

Sony Music's label Epic Legacy has rescheduled the release of Michael Jackson's classics "Off The Wall", "Thriller", "Bad" and "Dangerous".

The four remastered albums are now slated for a global American release on June 19, 2001.

They will be released on Epic Legacy's new collection: "The Expanded Edition Series." Each reissued album will contain bonus tracks and will be available on CD and cassette.

Michael Jackson's "HIStory Greatest Hits Volume I" has also been rescheduled.

The CD is now slated for a release on August 07, 2001 in the USA.

Finally, the June release date for the new album has just been cancelled due to Michael Jackson's new recording plan. A new schedule is currently being made and should be available soon.

[source: Planet Jackson]



March 12, 2001: Michael In England [March 4 - 9]

A very busy week for the King of Pop in England: Here what happened in England from March 4 - 9, 2001 [reported by Planet Jackson, BBC]:

March 04, 2001:
Early Sunday afternoon, Michael Jackson checked in at the Lanesborough Hotel in London. Later that day, Michael Jackson went shopping in London with friend actor Macaulay Culkin. They went to the HMV records store and bought a selection of CD's.

March 05, 2001:
Michael Jackson had lunch with friends Uri Geller and Shmuley Boteach in a restaurant in the center of London. Later in the afternoon, he accompanied them to the Royal Institute of British Architects to attend a brief ceremony for the launch of a new book co-written by Boteach and Geller. The book is entitled "Confessions of a Rabbi and Psychic" and consists of a series of letters that the two men exchanged over the past years.

March 06, 2001:
Michael Jackson arrived at the Oxford Union this evening at 8:45 pm. His arrival at the Union was originally scheduled at 6 pm but a last-minute appointment with a doctor [following shooting pains in his broken foot] delayed his departure to Oxford.

In the company of friends Uri Geller and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Michael Jackson addressed the Oxford Union as expected. He made a very deep and touching speech that moved the audience. Click here to read the complete transcript.

March 07, 2001:
Uri Geller renewed his vows to wife Hanna in a traditional Jewish ceremony. The wedding took place at the magician's mansion in the small town of Sonning, Berkshire, England. Michael Jackson attended the ceremony and acted as best man. A large tent had been set in the garden for the 130 guests. Wearing a white kipa, Michael sat at the chuppah, the Jewish wedding canopy, and followed the ceremony with great interest and curiosity, sporting a joyful smile.

As best man, his duty was to hand Uri Geller the wedding ring. As soon as the ceremony ended, a musical band played traditional Jewish music. Michael enjoyed the music so much that he stood up and tried to move to it for a few seconds untill his broken foot became too painful. As the traditional ceremony was ending, close family members and special guests went to see Michael to thank him and hug him, a honoring gesture.

In the evening, Michael Jackson appeared on stage at London's Hammersmith Apollo for the 10th Annual Michael Jackson Day. His scheduled appearance happened at the end of the evening's program, which consisted of tribute performances by artists such as Shola Ama, Damage and the London Community Gospel Choir.

Michael Jackson was introduced on stage by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. In front of 3'000 hectic fans, the King of Pop said: "Thank you all for coming here. I'm overjoyed and humbled by the incredible entertainment I have seen tonight. You're beautiful and I love you. I'm still working on the new album. Two more months... But it will be incredible, I can assure you. I love you all from the bottom of my heart, thank you."

Proceeds from the evening went to Michael Jackson's Heal The Kids Initiative, including money from an auction held at the beginning of the show where special Michael Jackson items were sold to the highest bidders, including a black hat, a birthday phone-call and Michael's jacket worn at the World Music Awards in May 2000.

March 08, 2001:
Tonight, at 8 pm, Michael Jackson was planning on attending "Madame Melville", a theatre play with actor Macaulay Culkin. However, due to sudden shooting pains in his broken foot, he had to cancel his evening out. Earlier today, Michael Jackson had expressed his deep thanks to his fans for their amazing support in London.

March 09, 2001:
Friday morning, Michael Jackson left London. He didn't fly back to Los Angeles right away as planned. He has now decided to stay in Europe for an undetermined period of time before going back to the USA where he will resume work on his new album.

Exclusive pictures of Michael in London coming soon !!!

[source: Planet Jackson, BBC]

March 02, 2001: Michael To Arrive In London Soon !!

Michael Jackson will arrive at the Lanesborough Hotel in the center of London tomorrow, March 03, 2001. According to MJNI Michael Jackson's travelling plans [arrival] have changed - please visit MJNI for further details.

4 days left until Michael addresses the Oxford Union! 5 days until MJ Day! You can visit The Oxford Union website at: http://www.oxford-union.org

[source: Planet Jackson, Oxford Union, MJNI]






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