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Michael Jackson News February 2001

Feb. 28, 2001: Injured Jackson Keeps Oxford Date !!

Jackson: The father-of-two is keen to keep his promise!

Pop superstar Michael Jackson has promised British fans he will keep his date to speak at the Oxford University union despite breaking his foot. The 42-year-old singer is due to address the union with his new mentor, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, on the subject of child welfare on 6 March.

Jackson is currently resting with his right leg in plaster up to his knee after fracturing the bone in a fall at his home, the Neverland Valley Ranch in California.

The special appearance at the university's prestigious debating chamber is to launch his global initiative for children, "Heal the Kids".

The singing star, who is also chairman of the "Heal the Kids" Foundation, said its message was "far too important to me to allow a broken foot to keep me from this commitment".

He added: " 'Heal the Kids' is about making a difference and trying to help adults and parents realise that it is in our power to change the world that our children live in."

The Oxford Union often invites celebrities to address its members - last year's list includes soul singer Barry White and actor Charlton Heston.

But Jackson has proved to be the most popular guest in its 178-year history with more than 20'000 people applying to attend.

Boteach is president of "Heal the Kids", which is aims to "promote nurturing relationships between parents and children". It is also devoted to "fostering programmes that help all children gain the love, attention and quality time they need to prosper and flourish".

Members of the charity's board include former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres and actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Uri Geller's best man:
Jackson and Boteach will be introduced to the union's audience by the psychic Uri Geller, a close friend of both men.

The singer is also is scheduled to attend a number of events while in the UK:

On 5 March he is down to attend the official launch in London of "Confessions of a Rabbi and a Psychic", a collection of letters between Mr Boteach and Geller.

He has planned to be best man when Geller and his wife renew their wedding vows, a ceremony at which Mr Boteach will officiate.

Jackson is also scheduled to make an appearance at the 10th Annual Michael Jackson Day at the London Apollo in Hammersmith, West London, on 7 March.

While in England, Michael Jackson will be staying at the Lanesborough Hotel in the center of London. Fans are welcome to show their support to the King of Pop by peacefully gathering in front of his hotel with banners and signs.
[source: wire-report, Planet Jackson]

Feb. 25, 2001: Selected Quotes - Heal The Kids
The following has been taken from Belief.net:

Reconsecrating the Role of Children in Society
Michael Jackson's "Heal the Kids" initiative seeks to restore children's "birthright of nurturing care".

Dan Quayle, Dr. Laura, and Focus on the Family didn't do the trick. Will America's parents pay more attention to their spouses and children if unlikely celebrities tell them to?

Such appears to be the logic behind "Heal the Kids", a new family initiative that's the brainchild of Michael Jackson and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. On Valentine's Day, the two led a panel at New York's Carnegie Hall to discuss how parents can provide "nurturing care" to their children while balancing the demands of career and marriage. The six panelists: trial lawyer Johnnie Cochran, Dr. Drew Pinsky of MTV's "Loveline", TV personality Mother Love, publisher Judith Regan, "Temptation Island" host Mark L. Wahlburg, and child psychiatrist Stanley Greenspan.

How can we create strong, loving families in an increasingly busy and media-saturated world? Read selected quotes from the event and respond to the panelists' statements on our message boards.

From Michael Jackson's introduction:

"Tonight, we're here in the world's most famous concert hall to hear an entirely different kind of music, a loftier melody.... This music I speak of is...more harmonious than a thousand voices joined in a hymn, and more powerful than all the world's percussive instruments combined.... That sound is the sweet sound of love. That sound has become a forgotten refrain. Instead of dinner conversations, there is the noise of video games. Instead of regular conversations between parents and children about drugs or violence, there is the deafening sound of silence."

"Who would have believed that the sound of children at their playgrounds would be replaced by the sound of automatic machine-gun fire? That the sound of little girls skipping rope would be overshadowed by the frantic screams of little children dodging bullets? Yet, instead of loving our children more, we install metal detectors in our schools."

"With two children of my own, I know what it means to balance the demands of family and career--and let's not even talk about finding a date for myself. Rabbi Shmuley keeps telling me he'll find me the perfect woman. My response is, 'As long as she's not a journalist.' "

From Rabbi Shmuley Boteach's introduction:
"This initiative, "Heal the Kids", is designed to save us from the worst kind of hell: a life where you are surrounded by people and you're still totally alone; a life where your children don't talk to you about meaning, but rather about your being a pay station for PlayStation; a life where the TV always blared, but your soul was never bared; a life where shopping at Barney's came before playing with your children and their Barneys...a life where surfing the Internet for content came before searching hearts for meaning."

"Who would've believed one day we'd hear of parents bored of their children turning on fantasy television - "Star Wars", "The Wizard of Oz"? Have you ever heard of escaping your children's reality by escaping into someone else's reality?"

"We're talking about you having deprived them of every child's birthright: the right to feel loved without deserving it, to feel admired without earning it."

[source: belief.net]
Feb. 22, 2001: Michael To Attend Fan Event In New York ?
This news from mjmagic.com:

When was the last time you saw Michael Jackson in person? Have you ever seen Michael Jackson in person? Would you like to see Michael in person and let him know just how much his U.S. fans care??? Here is your chance!!!

On March 18th, Hail To The King Of Pop comes to New York and we need you to be there. Michael will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 19th and to celebrate Michael's contribution to music, dance, charity and Life, we, his most devoted fans, will be honoring him with a big tribute.

A major celebration is being planned with music, videos, games, raffles and topped off with an incredible state of the art 45 minute salute performance.

The highlight of the event will be a special Heal The Kids donation presentation. Michael and Rabbi Boteach have been personally invited to accept this donation and award. We are so pleased to be able to give both Michael and his U.S. fans this wonderful day!

Plans are in their final, nailbiting stages. Negotiations are in the works with VH1! Our venue will need to hold 5,000 fans!! Details will follow shortly.

[source: mjmagic.com]

Feb. 22, 2001: Janet Jackson Is Back !!!
For all of us who like Michael's sister Janet:

This is the actual single cover for Janet's new single "All For You"! The new single's radio airdate will be on Feb. 28, 2001 world wide. The video will be directed by Dave Myers.

For more information, please visit Miss-Janet.com

[source: Miss Janet]

Feb. 22, 2001: Michael To Attend World Music Awards '01 ?
Marilyn Beck, Stacy Jenel Smith and Stephanie DuBois in Hollywood:

Progress moves slowly on Edgar Allan Poe movie. Michael Jackson's big-screen thriller "The Nightmare of Edgar Allan Poe", which was scheduled to start production last fall, won't go before the cameras until the end of this year. At the earliest.

Still to be set for the feature in which Jackson will play the late Gothic poet are a co-star and a director. But those haven't been the main hitches in his plans for the movie. His schedule has been turned upside-down by the album he's been working on for two years.

"He's in New York with his children, putting the finishing touches on the album," reports producer Gary Pudney. "The first single will be released in April, and we expect the CD to hit the shops in June.''

Jackson will make five videos for the album. Pudney and Jackson are also in discussions for Jackson to make his fourth appearance on Pudney's "World Music Awards". It is the only awards show or TV program on which Jackson has appeared for the last five years.

As Pudney, who's exec-producing the $ 20 million film with Jackson and Jim Green, says, "This is a horror story with lots of blood and guts. Watch out, Hannibal".

[source: Marilyn Beck, Stacy Jenel Smith and Stephanie DuBois in Hollywood]

Feb. 22, 2001: New Release Dates For Re-Issues
The following has been taken from Planet Jackson:

Sony Music has rescheduled the release of the remastered upgraded editions of "Off The Wall," "Thriller," "Bad" and "Dangerous." The four albums are now slated for a global release on May 22, 2001.

"Greatest Hits - HIStory - Volume I" has also be rescheduled. The CD will be released 2 months before the new album, which would currently mean by the end of April. As of now, the new album is still scheduled for a release on June 25, 2001 in Europe and June 26, 2001 in the USA.

[source: Planet Jackson]

Feb. 22, 2001: Heal The World - Website

Check out the brandnew website for Michael Jackson's Heal The World Foundation:

Be informed about upcoming events, Heal The Kids, Teach The World, visit the Message Board...

[source: Heal The World]

Feb. 21, 2001: Heal The Kids - Carnegie Hall
The following has been taken from CD Now:

Reclusive superstar Michael Jackson spent Valentine's Day making a rare speaking appearance at New York City's Carnegie Hall. Jackson spoke about his dream of helping children, saying in his world "there are two kinds of sound - the sound of a guitar ... or the sweet sound of love..."
Jackson was presenting the first of an ongoing series of events to raise awareness of child-welfare issues through his Heal the Kids initiative. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who co-founded Heal the Kids with Jackson last year, introduced Jackson, saying that "the real Michael Jackson isn't famous for the moonwalk, he's famous for…his love for children."

Dressed in a relatively understated black suit, Jackson spoke briefly about the importance of child welfare and quoted John F. Kennedy, asking "If not us, then who? If not now, then when?" Seemingly overwhelmed by emotion, he paused several times, but explained that they were "trying to help adults and parents realize it's in our power to change the world our children live in." Jackson expressed concerns that children today are living in a dark and terrible time and how parents and teachers have to work together to communicate with children.

Speaking about his own life as a father, he explained he was too busy with his children to date, although "Rabbi Boteach has promised to find me the perfect woman, [which is] OK as long as she's not a journalist." Jackson took the stage at one of the world's most prestigious venues to shouts of "I love you Michael" from his rabid fans, who promptly rushed the stage, throwing flowers, drawings, and gifts. Many were dressed in Jackson-style regalia, including the famous glittery glove and military jacket.

Jackson then exited the stage and over the course of two hours, the panel - comprised of former Forgive or Forget host Mother Love, Loveline's Dr. Drew Pinsky, Dr. Stanley Greenspan, publisher Judith Regan, attorney Johnnie Cochran, Temptation Island host Mark L. Walberg - gave short speeches about parenting, marriage, and children.

Mother Love, who openly wept during Jackson's speech, spoke extensively about her 28 years of marriage, while Regan expounded on the difficulties of single motherhood. Wahlberg, who is married and has two children, confessed he would never appear on his own show except in his current capacity.

The event ended with a short question-and-answer session, followed by brief closing words from Jackson, who explained he would give more details about love and family at the next Heal the Kids event that will take place at Oxford University in Great Britain. He promised a speech "certain to surprise you."

Exclusive pictures of gorgeous Michael at Carnegie Hall coming soon !!!

[source: CD Now]

Feb. 11, 2001: Carnegie Hall - 3 Days Left To Go !!!

3 days left for Michael Jackson's "Heal The Kids" inaugural evening at Carnegie Hall in New York City!!!

Support The King of Pop and his friends... All proceeds from the evening will go to "Heal The Kids"!

Visit Carnegie Hall to find out more about this historic venue.

[source: Carnegie Hall]

Feb. 11, 2001: MJ Day 10 At The London Apollo
MJ Day 10 is being held at The London Apollo, one of London's most prestigious venues, and truly promises to be the most spectacular Michael Jackson party ever! The venue can hold over 3'500 fans so you can just imagine what the atmosphere will be like when Michael Jackson is standing on the stage right in front of you?!!

To help raise money for "Heal The Kids", there will be a very, very special auction taking place at The 10th Annual Michael Jackson Day.

Firstly, there will be an open public auction during the show. The items that you will be able to bid for during this section will include:

A black autographed fedora - as worn on stage for "Billie Jean"!
An autographed jacket, personally worn by Michael!
A personal phone call from Michael Jackson, on your birthday!

There is also a private silent auction taking place for anybody who would like the chance to go on the trip of a lifetime:

A day at Michael Jackson's house, Neverland Valley!

This amazing offer is open to individuals, couples, families or groups, and includes a flight to Los Angeles, hotel accommodation, trips to Disneyland & Universal Studios and a wonderful day at Michael's beautiful home. Once at Michael's house you will be treated like a star by Michael's caring staff. They will show you around the grounds of Neverland's magnificent attractions including the zoo, fun fair, cinema and games house. And you will also be treated to lunch and other great goodies!

To buy tickets please visit MJWN or MJFC!

[source: MJWN
Feb. 04, 2001: New Songs Premiered To Privileged Few
On January 31, 2001 a few Sony Music executives had the privilege to hear three tracks from Michael Jackson's new album. While a handful of music industry professionals were attending a meeting with Tommy Mottola in New York, the Sony Music President premiered three new Michael Jackson songs to his hand-picked audience.

This exclusive music was played as an example to demonstrate the power of excellence in quality production, a goal that, according to Mottola, each Sony Music executive should push their artists for.

Three songs from Michael Jackson's new album were premiered during the meeting. Only 1 minute of each song was played, consisting of a verse and a chorus. Michael Jackson being very secret about the titles of his songs, this information will remain undisclosed.

The first two tracks were up-tempo; the last one was a ballad co-produced by R. Kelly.

Shortly after this exclusive hearing, Planet Jackson gathered the impressions of one Sony Music executive. Here they are in the heat of the moment:

"We are just blown away... This was amazing. The first song we heard was a typical Michael Jackson song. But one of his best, ever. I mean, it's an instant hit. The production on the track is so slick, so smooth, so clean. That's the Michael Jackson you know and love. The melody is very strong. Michael is singing in a jerky, staccato voice. Very unusual.

Then we heard the second track... And that was a shock to us, really. The production is futuristic. I mean, I hear a lot of music but that's something I've never ever heard. It's basically a new sound, and it's awesome. I think it's going to be the new trend in music because it's really that huge. I think it's even too new to be the first single off of the album. People will need a little time to be ready for that. The rhythm is so innovative. The man just created a new sound. We were all taken aback, looking at each other, like 'What is this!?'. If I had to describe it, the first thing that'd come to mind would be 'industrial R&B'. That song is going to change things in the way people produce music.

The last track we heard was a ballad. And that is arguably one of the surest hits I've ever heard. In the business, we call that a 'highway', meaning that the song is going to the top of the charts on a highway, fast and straight. I see it at the top for twenty weeks or so. It's that good. The voice of Michael is so beautiful. And the melody is original and beautiful. We heard about 45 seconds of it and we were intoxicated. That song is going to be a very big hit.

I think that's the Michael Jackson we've all been waiting for and it's definitely going to be worth the wait."

Planet Jackson]

Feb. 04, 2001: Meet Michael At MJ Day 10 !!
If you are going to The 10th Annual MJ Day, then not only will you be in the company of The King of Pop, but you will also have the chance to meet him backstage and have your photo taken!!!

Michael has agreed to meet 3 raffle winners from the special MJ Day 10 Raffle Draw, backstage after the show for an exclusive photo!!! Raffle tickets cost just £ 1.00 and will be on sale at MJ Day 10 to all fans whom attend.

If you don't get one of the three lucky tickets, then you can keep your fingers crossed that you win one of the 97 other brilliant prizes available in this Mega-Raffle!

All proceeds from the raffle will be donated to "Heal The Kids".

To buy tickets please visit MJWN or MJFC!

[source: MJWN

Feb. 04, 2001: World Children's Congress At Neverland
6 years after the first World Children's Congress at Neverland Valley, Michael Jackson plans to open the gates to this Neverland Valley Ranch another time to host a two-day conference on the fundamental needs of all children.

The event has been scheduled for April 18 - 19, 2001.

Dr. Stanley Greenspan, clinical professor of psychiatry, behavioral sciences and pediatrics at the George Washington University Medical School, and winner of the American Psychiatric Association's highest award for child psychiatry research, is the chair of the committee and will help Michael Jackson put together the panel of experts for the event. Leading child advocates from around the world have been invited to share their opinions.

The first World Children's Congress at Neverland Valley took place on April 18, 1995 and was hosted by Michael and his then-wife Lisa Marie Presley.

[source: NY Daily News, www.neverland-valley.com]

Feb. 01, 2001: New Song Title - "Speechless"
Album engineer Bruce Swedien mentions brand new album track - "Speechless":

Below technical information on "Speechless":
"The 1176 is on every vocal of this album. I've discovered that even if it doesn't touch the sound - virtually no compression or limiting - it seems to enhance the character of the sound. I believe it has something to do with the Class A output section, but I can tell you this: the 1176 is a magical piece of equipment. On this album, we've recorded a song called Speechless which uses a full orchestra. The vocals are very soft. I'd say the 1176 hasn't moved even 1 dB on the entire piece, but the sound is gorgeous - it's to die for."

"You will definitely know that Michael Jackson is back. He sounds incredible."

"Michael's demo vocals sound better than most singer's finished vocals."

[source: Mi2N,]

Feb. 01, 2001: "HIStory" Re-Issue - Promotion

In the forthcoming days, Sony Music will launch the promotion of "HIStory" Greatest Hits Volume 1:

The first Michael Jackson Greatest Hits to ever be released on one single CD.

As part of the promotion of this record, the King of Pop's hit singles and videos will soon resurface on radio stations and TV channels across the globe.

In a few days, radio stations everywhere will receive copies of the "HIStory" Greatest Hits album, together with a promotional CD [see picture] including 3 megamixes: MJ Urban Megamix [4:58], MJ Megamix [4:58] and MJ Megaremix [10:33].

Previously released in 1995 for the promotion of the "HIStory" album, those megamixes are now ready to hit airwaves and dancefloors around the world one more time.

Planet Jackson]






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