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Michael Jackson News September 2000

01/09/2000   Quote from Britney Spears

MuchMusic recently asked Britney Spears to name her favorite album of all time. Her answer was:
"Thriller by Michael Jackson."
06/09/2000   Michael Jackson To Speak To Oxford Students

Richard Silcoc-k, president of the Oxford Union's debating society confirmed today that Michael Jackson had agreed to speak to members of the Oxford Union, an institution which invites speakers
from the worlds of politics, literature, sports and entertainment. Past guests include Diego Maradona, Warren Beatty and Kermit The Frog.

Michael Jackson will address Oxford University students on the subject of "The Welfare of the Children of the World."

"The Oxford Union is thrilled to host the legendary pop icon, Michael Jackson, on the historic occasion of his first public lecture," said Silcoc-k. "He will be speaking on a subject for which he is universally recognised, his profound dedication to the welfare of the world's children."

"The President of the society wrote an invitation to Michael Jackson a few weeks ago asking him to talk on a subject of his choice," explained Vice-President Amy Harland. "He accepted and discussion began on what he'd like to talk about. We discussed what he'd do and he decided on the welfare of the world's children. We are very pleased he accepted."

Michael Jackson's friend, Oxford graduate Rabbi Shmuley Boateach, said he would help the King of Pop to write his speech. He will also join him on stage.

A date for the lecture will be set during the coming academic year, either at the end of November this year or the beginning of January 2001. Michael Jackson will speak in front of 900 students.

06/09/2000   Ready 2 Rumble Boxing - Video Sample

Today, at London's ECTS videogame show, American software producer Midway Games unveiled their brand new sports game "Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2" featuring Michael Jackson.

Check Planet Jackson's Archives for more information on this subject under 12/05/2000.

A video sample of the game can be seen at the following address, courtesy of gaming-age.com:

08/09/2000   Top Engineer With Michael Jackson

Currently working on his new album, Michael Jackson has experienced the mixing and engineering talents of renowned music engineer: Warren Riker.
29-year old Riker has worked with top singers and groups, including Kool & The Gang, Aretha Franklin, Aerosmith, Destiny's Child, Carlos Santana, Lauryn Hill and the Fugees.
Although Riker won't be specific about his collaboration with the King of Pop, he told Planet Jackson: "I like the challenge and invigorating effect working with a music legend provides me. I think Michael's music will fill a gap that's missing right now."

10/09/2000   New Michael Jackson Official Merchandise

It's been a very quiet year for Michael Jackson licensed products. This year's first official merchandise items have just come out in the USA, produced by Yaboom Ltd.
Two different items are currently available in the form of musical key rings that play music, called MCD (Mini CD).
MCDs feature full-length songs in high quality sound version. Two Michael Jackson titles are now available on MCDs: "Bad" and "Black or White". (Currently available at www.express.com)
Other MCDs include songs by Ricky Martin, Britney Spears, Five, TLC and Backstreet Boys.
Yaboom Ltd. is also planning on releasing musical locker posters using the same technology.
13/09/2000   Quote from 'N Sync

The latest issue of American Twist magazine features an interview with 'N Sync. Here is an excerpt of the article where band member J.C. Chasez is asked the following question:
" Which artist would you absolutely love to work with?
I'd love to work with Michael Jackson. If his new album wasn't done, I'd give him a call right now."
15/09/2000   Quote from Hype Williams

Famous music video director Hype Williams was recently interviewed by English Smash Hits magazine.
Asked to name an artist he would like to do a video for, Hype Williams answered:
"I like Michael Jackson. I think if he came back with a song now, I'd love to do a video that would reintroduce him to everyone."

Hype Williams is one of the industry's busiest music video directors. His works include Will Smith's "Getting Jiggy Wit It," Blackstreet's "No Diggity," TLC's "No Scrubs" and R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly."
18/09/2000   Bruce Swedien With Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is currently working full-time on his new album.
Long-time friend and chief engineer Bruce Swedien has also resumed work on the new record this summer.
Bruce Swedien is completely committed to Michael's album and has cancelled other musical projects originally planned for this time period in order to be available for the King of Pop.

19/09/2000   Rock 'N Roll Hall Of Fame Nomination

Today, Michael Jackson has been nominated to be inducted as a solo artist into the Rock 'N Roll Hall Of Fame of Cleveland, Ohio.
In 1997, the King of Pop has already been inducted in the Hall Of Fame as part of the Jackson 5.
24/09/2000   Quote from Nelly

New rap artist Nelly was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine. Asked about his influences in music, Nelly named Michael Jackson as one of his main sources of inspiration:
"Michael Jackson, he is the king, regardless of what he's doing or how he looks today. He's like history. He captured the whole world. He paved the way for a lot of motherfu#!%*."
25/09/2000   Michael Jackson Contributes to Charity Event

On October 28, 2000, Beverly Hills' Beverly Hilton Hotel will host the yearly Carousel of Hope, a charity event to raise funds for research against diabetes.
Special plates will be auctioned during the evening. More than 50 stars have contributed to the charity by donating self-designed painted plates.
Among the celebrities to participate in this event are Michael Jackson, Jack Nicholson, Sidney Poitier, George Clooney, Nicolas Cage, Whoopi Goldberg and Salma Hayek.
A selection of plates will be featured in an exhibition at Beverly Hills' Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus starting Monday 25th through to Thursday 28th.
26/09/2000   Quote from Shawn Wayans

Actor and comedian Shawn Wayans was recently interviewed by American TV Guide magazine.
In the article, Shawn talked about his first meeting with Michael Jackson.
"Shawn: I met Michael when I was working at FAO Schwarz in New York City. I was 15 years old, and he came in the store. He was buying a bunch of toys. I was screaming, 'Michael!' I made him laugh. And then I almost got fired.
TV Guide: For talking to him?
Shawn: Yeah. It wasn't him that almost got me fired. It was my boss. You know how they start doing their job way too well."

29/09/2000   New Album Release - Update

Michael Jackson has postponed his plans for a March 2001 release of his new album.
As of now, the record won't come out before the summer of 2001.





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