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Michael Jackson News October 2000

04/10/2000   New Album Update

Michael Jackson is no longer recording new music for his album. He currently has a large selection of tracks from which he will make the final choice.
As of now, Michael Jackson is not planning on recording anymore new songs for this album.

The mixing of the new album has now begun. Michael Jackson and engineer Bruce Swedien hope to be done with this crucial and final artistic stage by late January 2001.
Provided everything goes in accordance with this working schedule, the new album could exit the mastering stage in the Spring of 2001 and be ready for a release early in the Summer of 2001.
22/10/2000   Quote from Montell Jordan

Billboard magazine recently published an article about R&W artist Montell Jordan.
A successful singer, Montell Jordan is also experiencing success as a songwriter for others. He recently co-wrote Sisqo's "Incomplete" #1 single.
"In terms of recording that song, I thought Michael Jackson, Sisqo, or Ginuwine. I gave it to God, but even God couldn't get it to Michael Jackson," said Jordan with a laugh.

24/10/2000   Jackson 5 New Releases

Motown Records is releasing two new Jackson 5 records this October.
The first one is 2-CD set from Motown USA. Titled "Anthology," this compilation of Jackson 5 songs contains 36 tracks. Unlike most Jackson 5 greatest hits collections, this new "Anthology" features several never-before-released-on-CD tracks.
Jackson 5 fans will be happy to finally own the following songs:
"I'm So Happy" (non-album track, B-side to the "Sugar Daddy" 7" single), "Love Song" (non-album track, B-side to the "Lookin' Through The Windows" 7" single), "Sing A Simple Song" + "Can You Remember" (Live medley from the rare 1970 album: Motown At The Hollywood Palace), "Daddy's Home" (Live Jackson 5 version of the Jermaine Jackson solo hit; previously available on the 1973 live Jackson 5 album) and "We're Here To Entertain You" (from Joyful Jukebox Music).
Complete track-listing also includes: "I Want You Back," "Who's Loving You," "ABC," "The Young Folks," "The Love You Save," "I Found That Girl," "I'll Bet You," "I'll Be There," "Goin' Back To Indiana," "Mama's Pearl," "Darling Dear," "Never Can Say Goodbye," "Maybe Tomorrow," "It's Great To Be Here," "Sugar Daddy," "Doctor My Eyes," "Little Bitty Pretty One," "Lookin' Through The Windows," "Corner Of The Sky," "Touch," "Hallelujah Day," "Get It Together," "Hum Along And Dance," "Mama I Got A Brand New Thing (Don't Say No)," "It's Too Late To Change The Time," "Dancing Machine," "Whatever You Got, I Want," "The Life Of The Party," "I Am Love," "All I Do Is Think Of You," "Forever Came Today."

The other new Jackson 5 release this month is a British release of 2-albums on 1 CD: Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5 + ABC.
Previously released in Holland in 1986, this two-album compilation is now available again from Motown UK. It contains the complete tracks from the first Jackson 5 albums on one CD
26/10/2000   Quote from R. Kelly

The latest issue of American Vibe magazine features an article about R&B artist R. Kelly.
Journalist Dream Hampton wrote the feature which includes the following:
"When the sun is setting, at around 7 p.m., R. Kelly rises from his bedroom. (...) He greets his engineer with directions on how to improve the previous night's tracks, which he had been crafting for Michael Jackson's highly anticipated new album. He has already completed four songs Jackson can choose from. (...)
And then R. Kelly enters the vocal booth and morphs into Michael Jackson. Kelly has been practicing Jackson's signature high-pitched punctuation since Off The Wall, but it's not just the choked, breathless falsetto he's able to eerily mimic. It's his dramatics. Into the third or fourth line, Kelly is out of his shirt, grabbing his crotch, kicking the air, and reaching toward the ceiling. He plays Jackson's long-form video Moonwalker on the TV set that sits next to his mike. The sound is muted, but he watches Jackson float through 'Smooth Criminal,' and the lyrics begin to pour from him. (...) Once he begins flowing, he barely pauses. He writes the way rappers freestyle. He finds the song's theme and denouement as he moves from verse to verse. Tonight, he begins headed in a kitschy direction imagining a woman trapped in some giant haunted castle. By the second verse, the song has been shaped into a tale of emotional abuse and one woman's unwillingness to end her suffering by simply walking out the door.
Though he wrote and produced (...) Jackson's 'You Are Not Alone,' Kelly is careful not to assume there will be another collaboration. 'When I'm in there doing a Michael Jackson song, I think I am him,' he says after he's finished writing, close to sunrise. 'I become him. I want him to feel that too. That's why I record the vocals sounding just like him. When I gave him 'You Are Not Alone' and he heard me doing his runs, he laughed. But I wanted him to feel how much I was feeling him. If he just picks two, I'll be so happy.' (...)
It never occurs to him that he has supplanted Michael Jackson. (...) When this is suggested to him, Kelly responds like any devoted fan (he considers Thriller the best pop album of all time): 'Naw, Michael's the greatest.' "

29/10/2000   Michael Jackson Attends Charity Gala

Saturday October 28th, Michael Jackson attended the Carousel of Hope, a bi-yearly charity event in aid of childhood diabetes research.

The evening was hosted by Jay Leno and included an impressive list of famous guests; Sydney Poitier, Gregory Peck, Dustin Hoffman, Toni Braxton, Morgan Freeman, Ricky Martin and Warren Beaty, to name but a few.

Michael Jackson attended the gala with Elizabeth Taylor. The King of Pop appeared on stage during the evening, and congratulated Ricky Martin on his live performance.

The Carousel of Hope took place at Beverly Hills' Beverly Hilton Hotel. More than 50 stars, including Michael Jackson, contributed to the charity by donating self-designed painted plates which were auctioned during the evening.

Photos of this event are available at www.sky.com/news





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