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Michael Jackson News May 2000

01/05/2000   TTT Music

Taj, Taryll and T.J. Jackson have created an internet music label called TTT Music.
TTT Music was created on January 1st 2000 to "provide music lovers all over the world with clean, good music."

The first artist signed to TTT music is KlAyE. His debut album, entirely produced by 3T, is titled KlAyE DaYe and scheduled for an internet release on June 3, 2000.

KlAyE's first single, "Mother," will be available from mp3.com starting Mother's Day, May 14th 2000. The singer's website will open the same day at www.klaye.com

3T's T.J. will discuss the launch of TTT Music and the release of KlAyE's first album during an internet chat at 3T.com (exact chat time and date available from 3T.com on May 3rd).
3T are very much involved in the promotion and success of KlAyE; the young new artist is already expected to open up on 3T's next world tour.

03/05/2000   World Music Awards 2000

Today, the World Music Awards executives confirmed again that Michael Jackson will be attending the show on May 10th in Monaco.
The King of Pop will be given the Best-selling Pop Artist of the Millennium Award but will not perform.
Liz Taylor has also confirmed her participation to the show and should be introducing Michael's award.
Michael Jackson is expected to arrive in Monaco on May 8th.

Hosts and performers at the World Music Awards 2000 include: Mariah Carey, Phil Collins, David Ginola, Christina Aguilera, Roxette, Jamiroquai, Sophia Loren, Ronan Keating, Ricky Martin, DJ Bobo, Tina Arena, Eiffel 65, Backstreet Boys, Lou Bega, Ursula Andress, Elle MacPherson, Marc McGrath, Goldie Hawn, Pamela Anderson, Billy Zane, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Laetitia Casta.

03/05/2000   World Music Awards 2000

MJJ Productions confirmed today that Michael Jackson will attend the World Music Awards in Monaco on May 10th.
During the show, two special prizes will be awarded to outstanding artists: Best-selling Male Pop Artist of the Millennium to Michael Jackson, and Best-selling Female Pop Artist of the Millennium to Mariah Carey.

Michael Jackson will be staying at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco.

Short takes: Christina Aguilera had to cancel her participation due to health reasons. Santana may join the show.

Stay tuned as Planet Jackson will provide you with more daily updates about the World Music Awards event.
04/05/2000   World Music Awards 2000

Michael Jackson and his children will arrive in Monaco on May 8th and will leave on May 11th
07/05/2000   World Music Awards - Guests & Performers

The World Music Awards program is now finalized. Here are the performers and guests who will appear at Monaco's Sporting Club on May 10th.

The show is hosted by Elle McPherson & Mark McGrath.
Scheduled to appear (in alphabetical order): Pamela Anderson, Ursula Andress, Backstreet Boys (Best Pop Group, Best R&B Group, Best American Group), Mariah Carey (Best R&B Artist & Pop Female Artist of the Millennium), Laetitia Casta, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Michael Clark Duncan, Cristian de la Fuente, David Ginola, Michael Jackson (Pop Male Artist of the Millennium), Ricky Martin (Best Latin Artist, Best Pop Male Artist), Gena Lee Nolan, H.S.H. Prince Albert of Monaco, Natalie Raitano, Marcus Schenkenberg, Britney Spears (via video / Best Pop Female Artist), Jean-Claube Van Damme, Tasha de Vasconcelos, Mary Wilson, Billy Zane.

Performances by (in alphabetical order): Tina Arena (Best Australian Artist), Lou Bega (Best German Artist, Best New Male Artist), DJ Bobo (Best Swiss Artist), Eiffel 65 (Best Italian Group), Goo Goo Dolls, Hoku, Jamiroquai (Best British Artist), Ronan Keating (Best Irish Artist), Kristina Orbakaite (Best Russian Artist), Femi Kuti (Best African Artist), Funkstar de Luxe (Best Reggae Artist), Notre-Dame de Paris (Best French Group), Roxette (Best Scandinavian Group), Savage Garden (Best Australian Group) and Taha, Khaled & Faudel (Best Arabic Group).

Other Recipients: Christina Aguilera (Best Rock Artist, Best New Female Artist), Santana (Best Rock Group), Lauryn Hill (Best Rap Female Artist), Charlotte Church (Best Classical Female Artist), Celine Dion (Best Canadian Artist) and Hikaru Utada (Best Japanese Artist).

Note: Toni Braxton cancelled her participation to the show.

Michael Jackson's award presentation will be the last of the evening. The King of Pop will accept his award from H.S.H. Prince Albert of Monaco.

08/05/2000   Michael Jackson Arrives in Monaco

Today, at 9:30 pm (CET), Michael Jackson arrived in Monaco.
The King of Pop and his children discretely entered the Hotel de Paris through the side entrance.
Detail: Michael Jackson was wearing a 3T cap.
09/05/2000   World Music Awards - Rehearsals

Today, at 12:45 pm, Michael Jackson arrived at the Monaco Sporting Club to rehearse for his appearance during the World Music Awards ceremony.
The set was closed and Michael rehearsed twice his stage presentation. Although he won't perform, he has prepared something special with a great speech.
At 2 pm, Michael left the Sporting Club.
09/05/2000   Meetings with Fans in Monaco

This afternoon, several fans were invited to meet Michael in his suite at the Hotel de Paris.
More meetings with fans will happen in Monaco tomorrow and Thursday.
Note: Michael stated that he was enjoying himself so much that he may not leave as soon as the 11th.
09/05/2000   A Day in Monaco

Today, after his rehearsal at the Sporting Club, Michael left for a quiet visit of ze-sur-Mer, a medieval village close to Monaco.
In the evening, at 10 pm, Michael was expected to do a photo shooting with a Mercedes Smart car in front of the Hotel de Paris. However, the crowd was so wild that he couldn't manage to go outside the hotel. He couldn't go either to the Hotel Hermitage where he was planning to have dinner. Special arrangements had to be made to enable him to leave the hotel safely.
10/05/2000   Shopping Spree Cancelled

Yesterday's evening, Michael Jackson managed to go outside de Hotel de Paris to do a promotional photo shooting with a Mercedes Smart car. The shooting lasted a record 37 seconds. By the time the crowd noticed the King of Pop's presence, everything was over.

This afternoon, Michael had to cancel a shopping spree in Monaco because he couldn't have the necessary bodyguard escort. The World Music Awards bodyguard team is currently too busy escorting the many celebrities for the show.
10/05/2000   Michael's Arrival at the World Music Awards

9 pm- The World Music Awards ceremony has begun. Michael Jackson isn't at the Sporting Club yet. He will arrive there at 10:30 pm and will be greeted on the traditional red carpet by HSH Prince Albert of Monaco who will escort him backstage.
11/05/2000   Michael Jackson on Stage at the WMA 2000

As the World Music Awards ceremony came to an end, Michael Jackson's award presentation began.
It started with the screening of a video collection of moments from Michael's career, accompanied with the music of "Childhood."
Then, the shadow of Michael appeared on a white screen on stage as the sound of Beat It filled the Sporting Club. The King of Pop then walked in the middle of the stage and waited for "Beat It" to end while the crowd greeted him with a tremendous standing ovation.
He finally gave a speech in which he talked about his life as an entertainer, his childhood, and thanked the fans for their support. He ended his award acceptance speech by saying: "I'm so proud to be an entertainer, but you have seen nothing yet..."

11/05/2000   Meeting with Michael Clark Duncan

Before his appearance on stage at the World Music Awards, Michael Jackson had a meeting in his dressing room with "Green Miles" actor Michael Clark Duncan.

The King of Pop left the Sporting Club immediately after his stage appearance and is planning on leaving Monaco tonight.

11/05/2000   Michael Goes Shopping in Monaco

This afternoon, Michael Jackson left his hotel by noon and went out to do some shopping. He visited a record store, a book store and finally had lunch in a Chinese restaurant before returning to his hotel.
Michael Jackson is still planning on leaving Monaco tonight.
12/05/2000   Michael Jackson To Escort Elizabeth Taylor

Michael Jackson's representants in Monaco informed the media that the King of Pop will accompany Elizabeth Taylor to a ceremony at Royal Buckingham Palace on May 23rd where the actress will be given a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth.
Michael Jackson should also attend a tribute ceremony held by the Bristish Film Institute in honor of Elizabeth Taylor on May 24th.

Michael Jackson is expected to arrive in London, England, on May 23rd.
12/05/2000   Michael Jackson Supports Monaco

HSH Prince Albert of Monaco asked Michael Jackson to support the forthcoming opening of a Mercedes plant in Monaco by doing a photo shooting with Mercedes' Smart car.
(The photo shooting took place on May 9th in front of the Hotel de Paris.)
12/05/2000   Michael Leaves Monaco

Early this morning, Michael Jackson left Monaco. His destination is private.
12/05/2000   Michael Jackson Stars in New Video Game

Today, a Michael Jackson fever caught the world Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3) in Los Angeles.
American software producer Midway Games unveiled their brand new sports game for the Playstation 2 system.
The new game, baptised "Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2," is a sequel of a previous smash hit software.
Michael Jackson will appear as a special character in the new version of the game, boxing in the championship with special moves and sounds inspired from his trademark dancing and singing.
Michael Jackson was actually involved in the creation of his video-game alter ego. His moves were motion captured and his voice recorded especially for the occasion.
"Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2" is expected to hit the stores next November.

12/05/2000   Michael Jackson Buys New Car

While in Monaco, Michael Jackson was presented with the Mercedes Smart car. He liked it so much that he immediately bought one for himself.
15/05/2000   Michael Jackson & Liz Taylor in England

Contrary to what was previously announced, Elizabeth Taylor will not be given a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace on May 23rd but on May 16th.
(This information is courtesy of MJNI)

Other events involving Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson are still scheduled as previously announced.
-Wednesday, 24th May
Diamond Tribute to Dame Elizabeth Taylor to benefit the Red Hot AIDS Charitable Trust and the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. A dinner organized by the British Film Institute honouring Elizabeth Taylor. (The Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, London)
Starts at 7:15pm with a Champagne reception. Dinner at 8:30.
Individual tickets to this event are available at 650 each.
-Friday, 26th May
Royal Albert Hall concert honouring Elizabeth Taylor. (The concert is currently sold out)

18/05/2000   Quote from Prince

During a press conference held on May 16th, the Artist announced that he will now be known as Prince again because his last contractual agreement with Warner Brothers (concerning his publishing rights) has expired.

During the press conference that followed this statement, a reporter asked Prince the following question:
"Who would win a fistfight between you and Michael Jackson?"
Prince was not amused by the question and simply answered the following:
"I've never said anything bad about Michael. Perhaps he knows more than what we do and we should let him do what he wants to do and just wait to see what happens. [Pause] Besides, he's a plant... And I was the one who planted him." [laughs]
Note: a "plant" is a spy who secretely participates in criminal activities in order to inform on the criminals.

19/05/2000   Quotes from S Club 7

The latest issue of American Popstart magazine features an interview with British pop sensation S Club 7.
Members of the band mentioned Michael Jackson several times during the interview. Here are the questions and answers.
"-If you could live life for one day as another famous person, it would be...
Rachel: Michael Jackson!
Jo: Michael Jackson...to see what he eats?

-The coolest musician on the planet is...
Jo: Michael Jackson! He's my hero and always has been. I love everything he's ever done!

-The first concert I ever attended was...
Rachel: Michael Jackson's Bad concert.
Jo: Michael Jackson's HIStory concert in London...it was unbelievable."

22/05/2000   Diamond Tribute Update

A spokesperson for the British Film Institute announced today that Michael Jackson won't be attending the Diamond Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor gala at the Dorchester Hotel on Wednesday May 24th.
23/05/2000   Michael Jackson in London

Today, a spokesman for Michael Jackson announced that the King of Pop is currently in London, staying at a private location, and not planning on making a public appearance before Thursday May 25th.
Michael Jackson's spokesman also confirmed that Michael Jackson will be at the Elizabeth Taylor tribute at the Albert Hall on May 26th.
25/05/2000   Michael Jackson Arrives at the Dorchester

Today, at 5:20 pm (CET), Michael Jackson arrived at the Dorchester Hotel in London.
Before entering the lobby through the main entrance, he greeted the numerous fans that had gathered in front of the building.
25/05/2000   Michael Jackson Visits Harrods

This evening, at 9 pm (CET) Michael Jackson left the Dorchester Hotel and went to Harrods. The famous Londonian department store, owned by Mohamed Al Fayed, was especially open for the occasion.
26/05/2000   Michael & Liz Go to the Albert Hall

This evening, at 8 pm (London time), Michael Jackson and Liz Taylor left the Dorchester Hotel together and went to the Albert Hall.
26/05/2000   Michael & Liz Attend Tribute Concert

8:30 pm (London time). The Elizabeth Taylor tribute concert just started at the Albert Hall.

Michael Jackson is sitting next to Elizabeth Taylor in a first-tier box located near the stage.
The King of Pop is wearing black trousers, a white shirt and a black jacket.
26/05/2000   Michael & Liz Attend Tribute Concert - Update

9:30 pm (London Time). Michael Jackson and Liz Taylor left their box in the Albert Hall for a short break. They went out for some refreshments and came back a few minutes later.

Michael Jackson is expected to appear on stage by the end of the evening.
26/05/2000   Michael & Liz On Stage at Tribute Concert

10:15 pm (London time). As the tribute concert came to an end. Liz Taylor appeared on stage to address the crowd. After her speech, Michael joined her on stage and presented her with a huge bunch of flowers. He then hugged her.
Then, Joan Collins came and Michael kissed her. The rest of the night's performers joined them on stage for the evening finale.

The evening was quiet for Michael and Liz. They both enjoyed the performances, participating in the standing ovation that ended Andrea Bocelli's number.
27/05/2000   Michael & Liz Return to the Dorchester

10:30 pm (London time). Michael Jackson and Liz Taylor returned to the Dorchester Hotel together.
Before going to their suites, Liz and Michael spent some time in the hotel shopping gallery, looking at the jewelry showcases.
27/05/2000   Michael Jackson Leaves London

Early this morning, at 6 am (London time), Michael Jackson left the Dorchester Hotel.

Last night, around 2 am, he went out on his own for a shopping spree at Harrods'. The department store was especially opened for him to buy presents for Elizabeth Taylor.
27/05/2000   Michael Jackson Sends Messages to Fans

Last night, around 3:30 am (London time), Michael Jackson threw several written messages to his fans from the balcony of his suite at the Dorchester Hotel.

The messages read as follows:
"Make sure all fans read this. Let s have a tabloid burning."
"I love you. I miss you all. Let s destroy all tabloid. I hate them. Burn them."

(This information courtesy of Angel Fan-Club)
31/05/2000   King of Pop Invests in HollywoodTicket.com

Yesterday, May 30, Hollywood-based HollywoodTicket.com, Inc. announced its formation as a celebrity-funded and supported interactive entertainment, promotional and marketing vehicle. The company is describing itself as a the "fan's backstage pass into showbiz," offering access to global entertainment, including interactive film production, insider Hollywood news, merchandising, ticketing and auctions.
Michael Jackson is an important investor and partner in HollywoodTicket.com, Inc. through his company Jackson International, LLC. He also has a significant role in securing participation by major figures in movies, TV, music and other entertainment fields.
As the top entertainment figure in the world, Michael Jackson sees HollywoodTicket.com as an unprecedented opportunity not only for the avid entertainment consumer, but also for professionals like himself who create the content for the industry.
"Through HollywoodTicket.com," said Mr. Jackson, "talent professionals have a business and artistic opportunity to get involved on a much more active level in the creation and distribution of innovative entertainment for our fans. The Internet allows us to bring fans together with top talent in creative new forms of entertainment that provide fun, adventure and meaningful interactive experiences for everyone."

HollywoodTicket.com is expected to be fully launched in Summer 2000 but fans are welcome to support this great venture by visiting the site now at: hollywoodticket.com





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