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Michael Jackson News March 2000

01/03/2000   New Album Release

Sony Music International executives just had an important meeting where the release date of Michael Jackson's new album was discussed and four new songs premiered.
As of now, a new schedule is on. The new album is now expected to be released by September 2000.
Michael will be finishing the record into the summer and delivering it to the record company by early June at the latest. A first single from the album could then be released by August.

This news is not part of a promotional announcement. Release date is subject to change depending on Michael's own recording schedule.

08/03/2000   Press Conference in Warsaw

Today, Polish officials announced that Michael Jackson and President Pawel Piskorski will be attending a press conference in Warsaw on Wednesday March 15th.

10/03/2000   Michael Jackson is in Europe

Michael Jackson is currently enjoying a few days' rest in a European city before leaving to Poland next week.
12/03/2000   Quote from Tracy Davis

In 1996, Tracy Davis, Sammy Davis Jr.'s daughter, published a biography titled "My Father." In the book, she remembers the famous "Sammy Davis Jr. 60th Anniversary TV Special," where Michael Jackson performed "You Were There," a tribute song to the great artist.

"The show was a one-of-a-kind TV special, not the usual smarmy variety hour. It won an Emmy Award in september 1990 for Best Variety, Music or Comedy Special. There was a party, of course, at Pop's house after the tribute where something lovely happened.
My Mom opened the door to Dad's office to say goodnight and found my father praying with Jesse Jackson and Michael Jackson. They were thanking God for taking care of Dad, for the remission. It was a private and beautiful moment."
[Doctors had just announced that the tumor that was threatening Sammy Davis Jr.'s life had disappeared. However, the cancer had not gone away. Sammy Davis Jr. passed away six months later, on May 16 1990]
13/03/2000   Michael Jackson's Visit to Poland

Contrary to recent press agencies statements, Michael Jackson's visit to Poland has not been cancelled.
As of now (Monday March 13th, 1 p.m. CET), Michael Jackson is still planning on going to Warsaw tomorrow despite official Polish announcements.
However, a change in plan has happened. The King of Pop won't be arriving at the military airport. He will be coming through another place.
More information soon.
15/03/2000   Quote from Sisqo

Former Dru Hill leader Sisqo was recently interviewed by American magazine Right On!. This is an excerpt from that interview.

"The best way to describe my music is fresh-sounding. It's kind of like what Michael Jackson did when he left the Jackson Five to do Off The Wall. You could tell that Michael was from the Jackson Five, but his music didn't sound like the Jackson Five. You can tell that I'm from Dru Hill.
I think Michael Jackson has had a tremendous influence over my career. I always think about him."

17/03/2000   New Album Release - Update

Sony Music has once again postponed the release date of Michael Jackson's new album. Since the recording won't be finished on time, a new schedule has been set.
The new album is now slated for an October 2000 release.
21/03/2000   Quote from Donell Jones

R&B singer Donell Jones whose latest smashing hit in the USA was "U Know What's Up" was recently interviewed by Right On! magazine. Here is a quote from that interview.
"My main musical influence is Michael Jackson. I just love him. He brings so much energy and so much feeling into his music. (...) I learned from him and from experience that you have to be patient in this business. I want everything right now, but I know that if you want longevity, you have to be patient. And that's what I strive for: longevity."
26/03/2000   Quote from Stan Lee

Famous creator Stan Lee (Spider Man, Hulk, X-Men...) has recently launched his internet web site, Stan Lee Media. During the press conference that followed the event, Stan Lee stated:
"Some very famous people have been admirers of mine over the years. John Travolta, Liz Taylor, President Clinton... Michael Jackson wrote to say he loved my work!"
28/03/2000   Seeing Voices

Michael Jackson recently recorded a song for Sony called "Seeing Voices." The song is about "signing", the communication language of the deaf. It features Sidney Fine's music and lyrics, and Ray Charles' choir.
Sidney Fine recently celebrated his 95th birthday. Among other songs, he wrote "Lady" for the Disney movie "Lady And The Tramp" in 1955, along with Ed Penner and Oliver Wallace. [source: Playback, MJIFC]

This information courtesy of the MJIFC (mjifc.com)





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