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Michael Jackson News February 2000

03/02/2000   Update

Michael Jackson is still working on his new album. Lately, he's been staying at Neverland with his children.
There is no release date for the new record at this time. Although Michael is trying to meet a late Spring deadline, he hasn't committed to any specific schedule.
The weeks to come should bring the final word on whether the album will be released before or after the summer.

12/02/2000   Work in Progress

Wyclef Jean has resumed work on two tracks for Michael Jackson's new album.
He started to work on the songs several months ago and, after a break, he is now back with Michael to finalize them.

There is still no release date for the release of the new album.

16/02/2000   Quote from Sisqo

The February issue of Vibe magazine features an interview with R&B singer Sisqo.
This is what the young artist said about Michael Jackson:
"Michael Jackson is the premise of my whole thing. Artists are afraid to say who their influences are because they fear they'll be put in the shadow of that artist. Not me. When I get an idea from somebody, I straight say, 'I took it from them.'
18/02/2000   Quote from TLC

TLC's Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins was recently interviewed by American magazine Seventeen. Asked about her favorite album, she answered:
"Thriller! It gave birth to a true megastar, and nobody has bettered it yet. It's still the biggest-selling album of all time."
19/02/2000   New Album Release Date

Rodney Jerkins has recently granted an interview to an internet news service. Quotes from this interview have been circulated on the internet by Michael Jackson fan-clubs.
One of the things Rodney Jerkins was quoted as saying was that Michael Jackson's new album wouldn't be coming out before the end of the year and could probably be postponed until early 2001.
The fact is that there is no final release date for the new album as of now.

More information regarding the release date of the new album should be available soon.
22/02/2000   World Music Awards 2000

Yesterday, John Martinotti, president of Marcor International and producer of the World Music Awards in Monaco, told the daily newspaper Monaco Matin that Michael Jackson would be attending the next World Music Awards ceremony on May 10th.

However, please note that there is currently no confirmation from MJJ Productions that the King of Pop will attend the show.

23/02/2000   Quote from Jerry Greenberg

Show-biz reporter Mitchell Fink recently interviewed MJJ Music's President Jerry Greenberg about Michael Jackson's new album.
Quotes from this interview were published today in the American newspaper Daily News.

Jerry Greenberg is quoted as saying: "The sound on this record is definitely fresher and more contemporary. Michael is a melody man. That's what he does best. If he's surrounded by the right people, and we think these people are, he can have #1 records tomorrow. If the music is good and the public can somehow accept Michael as cool again, it will happen. It's still the music that drives everything."

25/02/2000   Hype Williams

Famous video director Hype Williams (whose works include Will Smith's "Getting Jiggy With It", R. Kelly's "Satisfy You", Busta Rhymes' & Janet's "Gonna Make You Mine" and TLC's "No Scrubs") may be directing one of Michael Jackson's new short films.
Negociations between the director and Michael Jackson's management are currently taking place.
Should Hype Williams come up with an interesting proposition for Michael's vision, he may be working with the King of Pop in the future.
At this stage, nothing has been filmed nor signed yet. Hype Williams is one of several directors that have been approached to possibly direct Michael's new videos.





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