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Michael Jackson News August 2000

03/08/2000   Michael Attends Siegfried & Roy Show

Syndicated writer Kate Maddox published an article about Michael Jackson in the August 1st edition of her column.

In the article, she reports that Michael Jackson attended the Las Vegas show of his longtime friends magicians Siegfried and Roy, on Saturday July 29th at the Mirage hotel.

Michael was with his children who, according to the report, both entered the theatre walking and holding their father's hands.
After the show, the King of Pop met privately with Siegfried and Roy backstage where they discussed future business plans. Then, Michael was introduced to Pride, a white tiger from Siegfried and Roy's breeding. Michael was reportedly enthralled with the tiger.
09/08/2000   Quote from Angelina Jolie

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, actress Angelina Jolie talked about her youth idol:
"I loved Michael Jackson. I wore the leather jacket and I used to ask if I could go to school wearing studs."

15/08/2000   The Jacksons' Reunion Project

The Jacksons are in the pre-production stages of recording their first collection of songs since their 1989's 2300 Jackson Street for Epic. They will make the CD for the Beverly Hills, California-based Modern Records, which is owned by Randy Jackson, who serves as chairman and CEO.
During an interview for Planet Jackson, Modern Records vice-President/A&R Jr. Regisford talked about the much anticipated reunion.
"The Jacksons are in the pre-production stages of recording their new album. They all want to do this. All of them are excited about getting into the studio and making this CD. This is something that's going to happen.
At the core of the material are about eight songs the group feels especially strong about. All of them are writing with their own collaborators, and they'll come together and decide what songs will stick and what won't. There might be outside producers, some major names are interested.
There is definetely strong talk about Michael's participation to the project, but it's too early to say how many tracks he'll be on or anything like that.
To make a Jacksons record, you have to get the group all in one place, which isn't easy considering their varied activities. Marlon is partnered with boxing champ Evander Holyfield in an Atlanta-based cable gospel channel MBC; Jackie, who owns a percentage of Modern Records, is launching an internet company; Tito oversees the activities of his sons' group 3T and Jermaine is involved in a myriad of projects.
On one hand, it's surreal to be working with the Jacksons because of their historical contribution. On the other hand, it isn't easy because they all have professional and personal interests that keep them busy. On any given day, each of these guys can be anywhere in the world.
In 1999, the Jacksons were talking with A&M Records about the prospects of a reunion LP when Randy offered them a deal. They just figured, 'Let's keep it in the family.'
We want to make a strong, souful urban album. We don't want to ignore the pop element because that's also what the Jacksons are about, but it's got to be soulful, something that'll make you want to dance."
15/08/2000   The Nightmares Of Edgar Allan Poe - Update

The lastest edition of USA Today features an article about Michael Jackson.
Reporter Jeannie Williams writes that Michael has seen the script for the "Nightmares Of Edgar Allan Poe" and is very enthusiastic about it. He should dedicate himself full time to the project after his new single comes out at Christmas and his new album in January, writes Jeannie Williams.
"The Nightmares Of Edgar Allan Poe" will not be a musical but Michael Jackson will write a song based on Poe's poetry that will be played over the opening credits of the movie.
Gary Pudney is the source for this article. The co-executive producer for the movie is quoted as saying that the movie is "very scary. Michael says by the time he's done preparing for this, the audience isn't even going to know it's him, with the major makeup. The new Michael is Michael Jackson, the movie actor. That is what he wants to devote his energies to."
Michael Jackson is planning on visiting the Baltimore area as preliminary research work for his role. Edgar Allan Poe died in the Maryland city in 1849.
The script has characters from the writer's works coming back to haunt Poe the last week of his life . It ends with Poe's death, and Jackson gets "a great death scene," according to Gary Pudney.
Michael and Gary Pudney are now looking for a director for the movie. "Michael had conversations with Steven Spielberg," says Pudney "who is a good friend. Spielberg was enthusiastic and suggested several people, including Tim Burton, who did Sleepy Hollow and Edward Scissorhands."

18/08/2000   Quote from Traci Bingham

"Baywatch" actress Traci Bingham was recently interviewed by US magazine.
To the question "What are you listening to?" she answered:
"'HIStory.' I'll always listen to anything by Michael Jackson."
24/08/2000   Quote from Derek Jeter

New York Yankees' baseball star Derek Jeter names Michael Jackson as favorite artist in a recent Rolling Stone magazine interview.
"I was a huge Michael Jackson fan growing up. He's a musical genius. Probably my favorite."
26/08/2000   Quote from Amy Holmes

USA Today columnist and Fox News Channel political commentator Amy Holmes is interviewed in the new issue of American Mademoiselle magazine.
To the question "Who was your first celeb crush?" she answered:
"Michael Jackson. I had the Thriller LP, Michael Jackson biography, Michael Jackson earrings, Michael Jackson pins, everything... I was head over heels."
31/08/2000   Quote from Wyclef Jean

Famous musician Wyclef Jean was recently interviewed by Swiss newspaper "La Tribune de Gen ve".
Asked about his experience working with other artists, he simply answered:
"Michael Jackson is the greatest artist of all. I never enjoyed working with anyone so much as I did with him."





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