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Michael Jackson News June 1999

02/06/1999   MJJ Music

Four new releases by MJJ Music in May.
The new Men Of Vizion album (MOV). First single: Do You Feel Me?
The soundtrack to the movie Trippin (featuring new tracks by 3T and Brownstone, and songs by MJJ Music artists Men Of Vizion and No Authority).
The new Tatyana Ali single from the Kiss The Sky album: Everytime .
A single by Christina Aguilera, a new addition to the MJJ Music family. The song is titled Genie In A Bottle and will be featured on the singer s forthcoming album.
05/06/1999    Michael Jackson & Friends

Updated artists list
Munich: Luciano Pavarotti, Texas, Sasha, Barenaked Ladies, Liz Taylor, Slash, Rod Stewart (via satellite), Andrea Bocelli, Peter Maffay, Andr Rieu, Zucchero, Udo J rgens & Mario Adorf, Roberto Alagna, Vanessa Mae, Nigel Kennedy, Status Quo, Luther Vandross, Helmut Lotti, Ringo Starr & Band, Scorpions, Patricia Kaas, Alla Pugachova, Philipp Kirkorov, Spirit of the Dance, Justus Frantz & Philharmonie der Nationen, M nchner Rundfunk Orchester, Angela Gheorghiu.
Exclusively in Seoul: Lionel Richie, Boyz II Men and Steven Segal.
06/06/1999   Press Conference in Munich

Michael will attend a press conference in Munich on Wednesday June 9th, 12 am, to make further announcements concerning the forthcoming concerts in Munich (June 27th) and Seoul (June 25th).
Michael is expected to arrive in Munich on the evening of Tuesday June 8th and leave the country in the early hours of Thursday morning, June 10th. Michael will be staying at the Bayerisher Hof Hotel in Munich.
The press conference will be held in the Olympic Stadium and opened to the fans.
07/06/1999   New Book

Michael is working on a new book. After Moonwalk and Dancing The Dream, he will write about parenthood and children. The book will contain pictures of Prince and Paris together with advice on how to raise children according to the King of Pop. To be released next year.
08/06/1999   Concert Program

Michael Jackson will perform from 6 to 8 songs on stage in Munich and Seoul for the Michael Jackson & Friends concert. What More Can I Give and We Are The World are among the songs that Michael will perform with other performers, however, the King of Pop will definetely perform solo numbers. He has started rehearsals for the show in New York. Two dance numbers (with 8 dancers) are in the work. Michael has also imagined a special number called the bridge of no return , inspired by the bridge that links North Korea to South Korea. That part of the show will symbolize a possible reunion of the country which Michael envision.
09/06/1999   Press Conference in Munich

Today, Michael Jackson attended the press conference organised by Mama Concerts at the Olympic Stadium in Munich. He came around noon and was greeted by more than 300 fans and 200 members of the media.
Michael's appearance was short. He stayed for 10 minutes and hardly said anything. Nevertheless, his presence was enough for the media to catch the excitement of the forthcoming concerts in Munich and Seoul.
During the event, a press release was issued by Mama Concerts, including a statement by Michael Jackson. It read like this:

"Thank you all for coming. I wanted to visit Munich today because it was important for me to check over all the arrangements for the show here on Sunday June 27th.
I urge and ask everyone to support the wonderful artists who have kindly given of their time to, in turn, support this concert and the worthy causes for which it is raising much needed funds.
There is too much suffering in the world today and all of us have a duty and an obligation to give to and help those less fortunate than ourselves many of whom, not far from here, are, as I speak, going through hardships that no member of humanity should endure.
Let us not forget them, let us support them. Thank you. I love you all and I look forward to seeing everyone here on Sunday June 27th."

Michael is expected to leave Munich in the early hours of Thursday June 10th. He will be back to New York to attend business meetings before the week-end.
Due to his busy schedule, the inauguration of the "Michael Jackson School of Entertainment" in Tokyo (previously due to happen on June 10th) will be postponed.
10/06/1999   Quote from Carole Bayer Sager

In a recent interview with an American journalist, songwriter Carole Bayer Sager talked about her work with the King of Pop:

"I am keeping myself quite busy working with Carole King on her new album and with Michael on a few new songs. Musicians with their amount of genius push me harder in my craft. Michael is aware of the pressure to have a hit, and he wants this album to be spectacular and full of twists you wouldn't expect from him... Michael is a sweet genuine professional who I have worked with twice before. He sang on one of my albums ("Just Friends") and I helped him with Off The Wall ("It's The Falling In Love").
We wrote a song together with David Foster about the millenium. It will be a celebration of the changing times, a song for the future, which I suspect will be bright."
10/06/1999   Michael rehearses in Los Angeles

Michael will be back to Los Angeles on Saturday June 13th to continue rehearsals for his performance at the "Michael Jackson & Friends" concerts.
11/06/1999   Michael in Paris

On his way to the USA, Michael stopped for a short stay in Paris, France. His visit there was business-related.

Michael stayed one day (Thursday June 10th) at Le Crillon hotel.
11/06/1999   Michael Jackson & Friends - Program

Michael is planning on performing the following songs on stage in Munich and Seoul during the "Michael Jackson & Friends" concerts:
- " Earth Song" / "You Are Not Alone" / "Black Or White" / "Dangerous" / "What More Can I Give".
One or two additional tracks should complete this selection.
11/06/1999   Michael Jackson Dance Studio

On June 10th, the opening of the first "Michael Jackson Dance Studio" (formerly announced as the "Michael Jackson Entertainment School") happened in Tokyo.
The "MJ Dance Studio" is a school for dancers. Michael couldn't attend the inauguration of the school but plans on going there soon.
For more information, write to:
MJ Dance Studio
Sun Terrasse Akasaka B1
2-12-32, Akasaka
Minato-Ku, Tokyo
Website (in Japanese only): http://www05.u-page.so-net.ne.jp/gf6/cashbox/
14/06/1999   "Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn"

Michael Jackson is a fan of "Gone With The Wind"! Saturday June 12th, the King of Pop bought on the phone, through his agent, the Oscar statue that was actually given to David O' Selznick, producer of the movie, for Best Picture.
Michael broke another record when he paid $1.5 million for this item at a Sotheby's auction. It was the highest price ever paid for Hollywood memorabilia.
Michael told Sotheby's auction house that he had always wanted to own that particular Oscar.

14/06/1999   "Michael Jackson & Friends" - Update

A new performers list for the Seoul concert has just been officially released.
Here are the names of the artists that will perform with the King of Pop in South Korea:
Mariah Carey / Blackstreet / Luther Vandross / Vanessa Mae / Boyz II Men / Slash / Status Quo / Patricia Kaas / Scorpions / Philip Kirkorov / Coco Lee / Andy Lau / HOT / SES / Steven Seagal / Spirit of the Dance / Elizabeth Taylor / Rod Stewart (via satellite).

It is not confirmed yet that Mariah Carey will sing 2 duets with Michael Jackson, although that information has been circulated.
Lionel Richie has finally decided not to participate in the Seoul concert; he won't be appearing in Munich either.
Alla Pugatchaova has also cancelled participation to the show.

Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder are very likely to join in the list of performers. Their participation is currently being discussed.

New performers have also been added to the artists list in Munich: the Kelly Family & Sasha. Both are very popular German acts.

Here is the current list of performers for the Munich show:
Luciano Pavarotti / Andrea Bocelli / Udo J rgens & Mario Adorf / Patricia Kaas / Kelly Family / Nigel Kennedy / Philipp Kirkorof / Barenaked Ladies / Helmut Lotti / Vanessa Mae / Peter Maffay & Noa / Alan Parsons / Andr Rieu / Sasha / Scorpions / Slash / Spirit Of The Dance / Ringo Starr & Band / Status Quo / Elizabeth Taylor / Luther Vandross / Zucchero / Justis Franz & Der Philharmonie der Nationen / Roberto Alagna / Angela Gheorghiu / Rod Stewart (via satellite).
14/06/1999   Millenium Concert in Sydney

Michael Jackson will be performing a solo concert in Sydney and Hawai on New Year's Eve. He had considered doing an all-star show like the ones in Munich and Seoul but finally decided to go with 2 solo concerts.
The Millenium concert in Sydney will take place at the new Olympic Stadium.
Sydney promoter Kevin Jacobsen is dealing with this unique show. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, he stated:
"Sydney is really the first major city, so to speak, in the world to bring in the new millenium. Michael loves Sydney and it will be a worldwide event. Michael will be finishing his show, then we'll have our own fireworks for him and then we'll cross immediately to the city's fireworks on the giant screens. Ticket prices have not been finalized yet, but they are likely to be high because of the concert's timing. Everything is costing triple time because it is New Year's Eve."

Special concert packages including flight, hotel and VIP tickets to Sydney (or maybe Hawai, or maybe both destinations) are currently being set up by Mama Concerts. More details to follow...
15/06/1999   Bridge Of No Return

As previously mentioned in this section, Michael has imagined a special number for the Seoul and Munich concerts. It's called "The Bridge Of No Return". This performance will symbolise the separation of South and North Korea and will bring a message of hope for a possible reunification.
A description of the "Bridge Of No Return" number has been made by German promoter Marcel Avram during a press conference last week in Seoul.
However, we wish to respect Michael's surprise for the show and, therefore, we won't publish the complete description of this number here, which seems unnecessary now.
"The Bridge Of No Return" is part of the "What More Can I Give" performance.
16/06/1999   New Album - Release Date

Sony Music has finally set a release date for Michael Jackson's new album.
Following a meeting with Michael last week-end in New York, Tommy Mottola, president of Sony Music, set a date for the US release of the new album:
November 9th 1999.
As usual, the new record will certainly be released a couple of days earlier in Europe to prevent parallel imports.
Michael's American record company is currently wondering whether they will release a vinyl version of the new album. As of now, the only formats planned for release are CD, Cassette and Minidisc.
A vinyl pressing of the record would nevertheless be released in Europe.
17/06/1999   Michael Jackson & Friends - Update

A slight change has been made in the Munich concert schedule.
The Olympic Stadium gates will now open at 12 a.m., and the concert will start at
2 p.m.

Michael is scheduled to arrive in Munich around 4:30 p.m. on Saturday June 26th. He will be escorting Liz Taylor who's also staying at the Bayerischer Hof Hotel in Munich.
17/06/1999   Quote from Puff Daddy

During an interview with French TV station MCM, Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs was asked whether he was going to be on Michael Jackson's new album. Sitting next to him was rapper Mase (who participated in the project). Here's what the popular R&B producer said:
"When I heard the stuff Michael has recorded for his new album... I'm not sure he's gonna use what we did because, you know, the songs I heard are so good..."
17/06/1999   Rehearsals for "Michael Jackson & Friends"

Michael is currently rehearsing in a Los Angeles studio for his performance for the "MJ & Friends" concerts.
The King of Pop is planning on performing 8 numbers on stage.

Michael will bring to Seoul and Munich his personal band (mostly composed of musicians of the HIStory Tour) and 8 dancers.
Dancer and choreographer LaVelle Smith is in charge of the dance direction. He hired 6 new dancers to perform the various dance numbers. LaVelle Smith will be dancing on the show with Michael; so will Anthony Talauega.
Anthony Talauega was one of the HIStory Tour (96-97) dancers. His brother Richmond, who also appeared on stage with Michael during the HIStory Tour, will not be joining the show, however. He is currently dancing with the Backstreet Boys.
18/06/1999   Program - "Michael Jackson & Friends"

Michael will perform the following songs on stage during the "MJ & Friends" concert (some of those songs will be mixed into a medley, such as the one Michael performed during the Superbowl halftime):

-Black Or White
-You Are Not Alone
-Earth Song
-What More Can I Give
-Beat It
-Billie Jean
-The Way You Make Me Feel
-Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
(although this selection is a final choice, it may not be complete. Michael is also rehearsing other songs that may be added to that list.)
18/06/1999   "Michael Jackson & Friends" - New Performance

Today, Michael Jackson released a press statement announcing that he will appear on stage in Munich together with Indian artists from the Hinduja Foundation.
They will perform a number called "Ekam Satyam", set to music by A.R. Rahman and produced by G. Baharat and Kanika Myer Bharat. The performance will focus on the commonalties between different religions and the oneness of the Universal Truth. The "Michael Jackson & Friends" concert symbolises and offers a unique opportunity to the world to benefit from India's rich culture, which enshrines the principles of peace and harmony. Other artists who will perform at the concert along with Michael Jackson include Shobhana, Prabhu Deva and their troupe of dancers.

18/06/1999   Michael Jackson & Mariah Carey

The King of Pop will perform a duet with Mariah Carey on stage in Seoul!
The two superstars will sing a duet version of "She's Out Of My Life".

18/06/1999   Michael Jackson & Luciano Pavarotti

It is not decided yet which song Michael and Pavarotti are going to sing together on stage in Munich.
A rehearsal is planned in Munich before the concert. Although "What More Can I Give" was the original song they were going to perform, they may go with another song, or "My Song To The Wind", the classical theme they originally planned for the "Pavarotti & Friends" concert in Modena.
18/06/1999   Michael's Performance in Munich & Seoul

Michael has finally decided on what he will be singing on stage in Seoul and Munich. Besides the duets with Mariah Carey and Luciano Pavarotti, he will be performing a 30-minutes solo program, including a medley of songs plus two full-length tracks: "Earth Song" and "You Are Not Alone" (yes, a girl will be invited to come on stage to dance with Michael).
21/06/1999   Michael arrives in Seoul

Today, Monday June 21st, Michael arrived at Seoul around 12 a.m.
2,000 policemen came to the airport to surround the King of Pop's arrival. As he often requests it, Michael wanted to be filmed walking with the police forces.
About 300 fans were waiting for Michael at the Shilla Hotel. Prince and Paris came first. Michael followed a few minutes later. They will all be staying in the Presidential suite.
Tomorrow, Tuesday June 22nd, Michael is expected to visit "Everland", a theme park located in the suburds of Seoul. Owners of tickets for the "MJ & Friends" concert will be allowed into the amusement park for free during Michael's visit.
On Thursday, Michael will attend his first rehearsal for the concert at the Olympic Stadium.

21/06/1999   Michael visits Orphanage

Tuesday June 22nd, after going to the "Everland" theme park in the suburbs of Seoul, Michael is expected to visit an Orphanage and make a donation to a fund for children.
21/06/1999   "Michael Jackson & Friends" - Schedule

This is the planned schedule for the Munich concert:
Gates open at: 12 a.m.
Concerts starts at: 2 p.m.
MJ on stage with Indian act: 6 p.m.
MJ & Pavarotti on stage at: 8:15 p.m.
Liz Taylor introduces MJ's number:10:25 p.m.
MJ's performance 10:30 p.m.
Finale with fireworks 11:30 p.m.
(slight changes in the timing are likely to happen)
22/06/1999   Munich Concert - New Acts

Two new bands have announced their participation to the "Michael Jackson & Friends" concert in Munich.
English girlsband All Saints and Irish boysband Boyzone will be joining the performers on stage for the charity event.
22/06/1999   Ticket Sales in Seoul

Contrary to rumors spread by Reuters press agency, ticket sales for the "MJ & Friends" concert in Seoul are going very well.
Marcel Avram announced yesterday that 38,000 tickets have already been sold out of the 45,000 available.
The stadium capacity is usually 57,000, but it has been reduced due to the size of the stage which is especially huge.
The concert will therefore be sold out.
Ticket prices range from $70 to $280. Special VIP tickets have been sold out for $2,500.
22/06/1999   Michael visits "Everland"

Today, Michael left the Shilla Hotel at 12:45 a.m.
He went to Tower Records for a little shopping spree. He bought several CDs there, including a Charlie Chaplin compilation and an Aretha Franklin album. While in the record shop, Michael watched two fans (from France and from Germany) dance for him.
At 2 p.m., Michael left the store and went to "Everland", an amusement park 1 hour away from the center of Seoul.
At 3 p.m., Michael started his visit of "Everland". He was wearing his sunglasses and holding an umbrella to protect him from the sun. Michael was conspicuously wearing golden sandals.
Fans were allowed to follow Michael everywhere, provided they would stand behind a security rope.
After walking a few minutes into the park, Michael went inside a little theatre where a welcome party was held for him.
Afterwards, he tried a few attractions, such as the Horror House. Michael did the rest of the visit in a small golf car.
At the end of the visit, Michael attended a special show that "Everland" had put together for him. Sitting underneath a wide umbrella, next to handicapped children, he watched a drum performance, a little play by the "Everland" characters and a choir performance by 40 children. They sang "Heal The World" and the "Everland" theme song. For the finale, two little girls asked Michael to come on stage but his umbrella couldn't be found so he had to decline the invitation.
At 4:30 p.m., Michael left the park and went to a meeting with representants of an orphanage.
22/06/1999   Wednesday June 23rd - Michael's Planning

Michael's visit of the Seoul Orphanage has been postponed to Wednesday June 23rd at 11 a.m.
Afterwards, Michael will go shopping at the Hyundai department store in downtown Seoul. In the evening, he will go out for diner in a famous Korean restaurant.

22/06/1999   Thursday June 24th - Michael's Planning

Rehearsals are planned during the whole day of Thursday. They will end at 8 p.m.
A VIP party will then be held at the Shilla Hotel, starting at 10 p.m.
Michael and all the stars will attend it.
23/06/1999   Michael in Downtown Seoul

Today, Wednesday June 23rd, Michael left the Shilla hotel at 2:30 p.m. and went downtown Seoul to visit the huge Hyundai department store. He walked fast through the various floors of the building, only stopping for a few minutes at the book department. A huge crowd of fans and journalists gathered inside the store and had to be contained by dozens of policemen.
Michael left the department store at 4 p.m. and went to Bennygan's restaurant in the Benson area of Seoul. Handicapped and sick children were waiting for Michael there. The King of Pop had invited them for diner. He sat at a very large table and mostly drank fruit juices while the kids ate and opened the many gifts that he had brought for them. "Heal The World" was played in the restaurant during the meal.
A few fans managed to sneak into the restaurant while Michael was there. Three of them were even lucky enough to be invited at Michael's table: two French and one Japanese.
Michael left the restaurant at 5:45 p.m. and went back to his hotel.
The orphanage visit planned for today was postponed.
23/06/1999   Michael's Arrival in Munich

A slight change in Michael's schedule has been made concerning his arrival in Munich.
He is now expected to come shortly after 8 p.m. to his hotel, the Bayerisher Hof.
24/06/1999   Munich Concert - Artist Appearance Order

Working appearance order for the artists in Munich:
2/2:15 - Status Quo
2:20/2:35 - Justus Frantz
2:40/2:55 - Kelly Family
3/3:08 - Sasha
3:13/3:28 - Barenaked Ladies
3:35/3:45 - Philip Kirkorov
3:50/4 - Alan Parsons
4:05/4:15 - Ringo Starr
4:22/4:32 - Zucchero
4:40/4:50 - Scorpions
4:50/4:55 - Scorpions + Zucchero
5/5:10 - All Saints
5:15/5:25 - Boyzone
5:30/5:40 - Patricia Kaas
5:45/5:55 - Ar Rahman (Indian act)
6/6:15 - Luther Vandross
6:20/6:30 - Helmut Lotti
6:50/7:05 - Vanessa Mae
8:15/8:25 - MJ + Pavarotti
8:30/8:45 - Peter Maffay + Noa
8:50/9 - Andr Rieu
9:05/9:13 - Roberto Alagna + Angela Gheorghiu
9:18/9:28 - Andrea Bocelli
9:33/9:50 - Udo J rgens + Mario
9:55/10:05 - Luciano Pavarotti
10:10/10:20 - Spirit of the Dance
10:35/11:05 - Michael Jackson

Changes in order and timing to happen.

Production Manager: Chris Lamb & Benny Collins.
Michael Jackson's performance produced and created by Michael Jackson and Kenny Ortega.

24/06/1999   Michael Jackson Rehearses in Seoul

Today, Thursday June 24th, Michael left the Shilla Hotel at 2:10 p.m. and went to the Seoul U.S. Military base for an official visit that lasted 30mn.
Afterwards, he spent some time at "Lotte World" amusement park. He tried some of the attractions and did a little shopping (he bought bubble-making water pistols).
At 7 p.m., Michael was back to the Hotel and after a 15mn break, he left for the Olympic Stadium to rehearse his performance for the concert.
The performers had rehearsed during the day; Michael was one of the last ones to come on stage.
The King of Pop started his rehearsals with a 10mn warm-up session. He then did a greatest-hits medley (that he already performed for a previous event).
The next number was "She's Out Of My Life", which Michael rehearsed with his background singer (Mariah Carey is not in Seoul now and her participation to the show is currently not confirmed). They sang one verse each, ending the performance in each other's arms.
Michael's voice was amazingly fine as he sang this song live. A few fans were able to attend the rehearsals from the field (9 French, 3 Spanish, 1 Austrian and 2 Dutch).
Following the duet was "Dangerous". We'll just tell you that Michael has finally decided to premiere the special version of "Dangerous" that he created with LaVelle Smith and Travis Payne for the HBO concert. This number is absolutely breathtaking. New outfit, new music, new moves, new sound effects... You'll see.
Next was "Earth Song" including the "Bridge of No Return". A brand new number.
Finally, Michael performed "You Are Not Alone". He decided he would not have a girl come on stage after all. One of the reasons for this change is that the front rows are filled with seats in Seoul, the standing crowd is far behind; there would not be very excited girls to pick from.

At 11:15, after rehearsing his performance a few times, Michael came back to the hotel. A VIP party was held there for the concert performers and crew. At midnight, Michael went there and spent 15mn with his guests.
24/06/1999   Michael's Arrival in Munich - Update

A new change has been made in Michael's scheduled arrival in Germany! The King of Pop will now land in Munich at 4 p.m. and is expected by 5 at the Bayerisher Hof Hotel.
25/06/1999   Seoul Concert Report

Mariah Carey finally arrived in Seoul today to participate in the "Michael Jackson & Friends" concert. However, due to her late arrival, she had to cancel her duet with Michael on "She's Out Of My Life".
The King of Pop decided he would not sing the song with a background singer instead of Mariah Carey, so the number was shelved.
Michael came to the stadium at 9:30 p.m., creating a lot of agitation in the audience as people noticed his bus entering the backstage area. The concert was almost stopped by the incredible reaction of the crowd trying to catch a glimpse of the King of Pop's arrival.
At 10:10 p.m., in front of a full stadium (completely sold-out), Michael appeared on stage to perform his greatest hits medley (MTV Awards 1995 version), "Dangerous", "Earth Song" and "You Are Not Alone".
A little technical problem occured during the performance of "Billie Jean" in the greatest hits medley. The white curtain behind which Michael starts to dance fell off at the wrong time. Michael was almost captured under it and had to get rid of it to carry on the performance.
Another trouble happened, this time during "Earth Song". Michael tore up his T-shirt by the end of the song, but he did it too strongly. The T-shirt was torn to the waist, uncovering his whole torso and belly... When Michael noticed that he was almost stripped to the waist, he tied his shirt around his waist.
At the end of the "Earth Song" performance, Michael said a few words, asking for a reunification of Korea and promising to be there when it should happen.
The concert ended after Michael's performance with fireworks and a rain of petals on the audience.
As critics will probably tell, the "Michael Jackson & Friends" concert was a disappointing show. Although Michael's performance was brilliant, the organisation of the whole show was bad.
Hopefully, the Munich concert will benefit from the mistakes of the Seoul experience.

After the end of the concert, Michael went back to his hotel and spent one hour chatting with Mariah Carey in his suite.
28/06/1999   Michael arrives in Munich

The King of Pop arrived in Munich by 8 p.m. Saturday 26th. He was greeted at the Bayerisher Hof Hotel by thousands of Fans from all over Europe. After his children were brought inside the hotel, Michael walked a few minutes in front of the hotel to see the fans and their banners. During this great moment, two girls jumped over the barricades and hysterically ran to Michael. They were stopped by security before they could reach him. However, Michael was advised to get inside the hotel right away before other such attempts occured.
Rehearsals with Michael and Luciano Pavarotti were originally planned that night at the Munich Olympic Stadium but had to be postponed.

28/06/1999   Artists Cancellation

A few artists backed out of their promise to perform at the "Michael Jackson & Friends" concerts, others were unable to attend for personal or professional reasons. Conspicuous by their absence were Luciano Pavarotti, Nigel Kennedy, Liz Taylor, Blackstreet and Rod Stewart.

28/06/1999   "MJ & Friends" in Munich - Concert Report

Sunday June 27th, 70,000 people gathered at the Munich Olympic Stadium to attend the "Michael Jackson & Friends" concert. The venue was sold out.
Early in the morning, Luciano Pavarotti informed Mama Concerts' management that he would not come to perform at the concert for personal reasons. Together with Marcel Avram, his concert promoter, Michael decided he would come on stage at 8:15 p.m. (original scheduled timing for the German ZDF TV station live switch on) to introduce Andrea Bocelli's performance. Since Michael and Pavarotti were expected on stage at that time to sing their duet ("My Song To The Wind"), it was important to give the viewers a glimpse of the King of Pop to keep up the excitement of the TV broadcast.

The "Michael Jackson & Friends" concert in Munich was obviously a huge event but the numerous technical problems that occured during the show left the audience disappointed.
However, it was when Michael came on stage, around 10:30 p.m., that the biggest problem of the evening happened.
After performing his greatest hits medley and "Dangerous", the "Earth Song" number began. As stated earlier, Michael had imagined the "Bridge of No Return" for this number. By the end of the song, a steel bridge is elevated on stage and Michael walks on top of it to sing until a soldier comes up to him with a gun and takes him down. Then, a tank breaks in and the performance ends in the same way as during the HIStoy Tour concerts. That's the number how it was imagined and how it happened in Seoul a few days before.
However, in Munich, while Michael was singing on top of the bridge (more than 8 meters from the ground), a mechanical problem happened. The upper part of the bridge fell down. It was no longer held by the engines and only stopped from falling free by the cables that were attached to it. Michael was standing on that steel footbridge when it fell down and violently hit the ground below stage level (through the opened hatch in the stage).
The audience didn't notice the accident and thought it was all part of the show. Very few fans understood the terrible thing that had just happened.
When the bridge hit the ground, Michael was obviously shocked. Nevertheless, he carried on his performance and kept singing "Earth Song" with half of his body emerging from the stage hatch. Nobody could tell something was wrong. Then, without showing any sign of pain or distress, Michael climbed back on stage and ended the song with the HIStory Tour usual routine (band members decided on that new arrangement within seconds after the accident). The tank then came on stage and so did the soldier and the kid. "Earth Song" was over.
A few minutes later, "You Are Not Alone" began. Parts of the "Bridge of No Return" weres still on stage. Crew members were unable to operate them anymore and had to leave them there.
Michael appeared on stage with his "Earth Song" outfit, which was a clear indication that something was wrong. He was indeed supposed to change clothes for this number.
As soon as "You Are Not Alone" finished, with a remarkable ending vocal performance (given the circumstances), Michael left the stadium.
He was immediately taken to a Munich hospital for a complete check-up.
One hour later, after the doctors agreed that no major physical injuries had occured, Michael was released and headed back to his hotel. Unfortunately, on his way back, he fainted from nervous exhaustion due to the intense fear, stress and commotion he had just gone through. He was taken back to the hospital and spent the night there under medical observation.
The next day, Monday June 28th, the King of Pop was back to his hotel and Mama Concert's Marcel Avram issued the following statement:

" 'Michael Jackson is doing fine', stated his agent Marcel Avram this Monday-morning answering journalist's questions concerning Michael Jackson's state of health.
Mr. Avram went on by saying that Michael Jackson will stay in Munich today and leave Germany tomorrow, as scheduled."

29/06/1999   Munich - Michael hospitalized

After the "Bridge of No Return" accident during the "Earth Song" performance, Michael was immediately taken to a Munich hospital for a complete check-up.
One hour later, after the doctors agreed that no major physical injuries had occured (just a sprained ankle and minor burns), Michael was released and headed back to his hotel. Unfortunately, on his way back, he fainted from nervous exhaustion due to the intense fear, stress and commotion he had just gone through. He was taken back to the hospital and spent the night there under medical observation.
The next day, Monday June 28th, the King of Pop was back to his hotel and Mama Concert's Marcel Avram issued the following statement:

" 'Michael Jackson is doing fine', stated his agent Marcel Avram this Monday-morning answering journalist's questions concerning Michael Jackson's state of health.
Mr. Avram went on by saying that Michael Jackson will stay in Munich today and leave Germany tomorrow, as scheduled."
29/06/1999   Fans support Michael in Munich

500 fans spent Monday June 28th in front of Michael's Bayerisher Hof Hotel in Munich, chanting and wishing a speedy recovery to the King of Pop.
Michael was very happy with that great support from his fans; he often appeared at his suite window (wearing his pajamas) to salute the fans. He sent for their banners and gifts, and threw balloons and messages to them from his window.
Early in the evening, a fan fainted in the crowd and had to be carried away by a medical team. As she was being laid in the ambulance, a TV crew from RTL (a station that has a history of being anti-Jackson) tried to film the exhausted fan. Led by fan-club leader Dirk H lsenbeck, police officers stopped the TV crew from doing their unethical job. Simultaneously, the hundreds of fans standing near started to sing the newly created slogan: "Michael is the best, f*/!@ the press!". The slogan soon became a huge roar and Michael appeared at the window of his suite to put his thumb up in appreciation. And the more the fans sang, the faster Michael's thumb was moving!

Earlier in the afternoon, Mama Concerts' Marcel Avram held a press conference to confirm that Michael's condition was now fine. He also rose to the occasion to tell the press the King of Pop would come out with a new album before the new millennium concerts in Sydney and Hawai.

Michael will leave Munich on Tuesday morning and will come to Paris for a series of business and artistic meetings. He will then go back to the USA to carry on his work on the new album.
30/06/1999   Michael arrives in Paris

The King of Pop will arrive in Paris, France, Tuesday June 29th in the afternoon. He'll spend more than a week in town dealing with business and artistic meetings concerning his new album.
30/06/1999   Shopping Spree in Paris

Michael Jackson arrived in Paris today, Tuesday June 29th, at 4 p.m.. Soon after checking in in his hotel, he went out for a shopping spree on the Champs-Elys es. He bought toys at the Disney Store and records at the Virgin Megastore.
Michael was wearing an Arabian disguise and tried to pass unnoticed. A few fans recognized him and tried to attract his attention but he didn't acknowledge their presence the way he usually does.
Michael's bodyguard asked the fans to respect Michael's privacy and leave him alone during his stay in Paris.





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