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Michael Jackson News December 1999

02/12/1999   MTV Jackson Day

MTV Europe will have a "Jackson Day" on January 4th 2000.
All through the day, they will broadcast "HIS Story In Music", a documentary in several parts, and at 9.30pm, they will show "All About Michael" a documentary that includes many interviews and exclusive footage from the European HIStory tour.
Janet Jackson documentaries will also be shown during the day.
02/12/1999   Quote from Total

Total are the #1 girl band of Bad Boy Records, Puff Daddy's label.
In a recent interview with Interview magazine, they talked about their musical influence. Band member Pam stated:
"Michael Jackson was a big influence for all of us, especially for me by age five. I used to perform for my aunts and uncles; they called me Michelle Jackson."

05/12/1999   Michael Attends Fund-Raiser

Saturday night, December 4th, Michael Jackson attended a fund-raiser for Whitney Houston's charitable foundation at the Marriott Marquis hotel in Times Square, New York.
Fox News broke the news. In their release, they state: "Michael made small talk with Whitney and hubby Bobby Brown, then took a center seat and stayed to watch performances by everyone from Petula Clark to Whitney herself. (...) New York radio star Frankie Blue, who later got an award from the foundation, said in his thank you address: 'Michael, I will always be there for you. Let's have a tour and an album in America.'"

07/12/1999   3T - Latest News

Taj, Taryll and T.J. won't be coming back until mid 2000, at the earliest. They told Planet Jackson their new album will only come out after Michael's.
In the meantime, they are still recording new songs and they are also participating in the production of their father's first solo album. Tito is indeed currently working on an album that could be available sometime next year.
Concurrently, Taj Jackson is producing songs for a newcomer singer whose first album should be released soon.
09/12/1999   Quote from Jamie King

One of Michael's former dancers is now Ricky Martin's art director. Jamie King, who hit it off when he was hired to perform with the King of Pop on tour in 1992, choreographes all of Ricky Martin's performances and videos.
These days, Jamie King still has the white hair he was famous for during the Dangerous Tour.
In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly magazine, the 25 year-old dancer talked about his worst career moment:
"It was when I was a dancer for Michael's Dangerous Tour, I once slipped on stage in my penny loafers."
11/12/1999   Quote from Sisqo

In a recent interview with American BRE magazine, Dru Hill's Sisqo talks about a memorable phone call he received some time ago.
"I was driving when Michael Jackson called me on my cell phone. I didn't even know he had my number! He wanted me to know how much he loved the record. We wanted to do a duet together. Next thing I did was to put my girlfriend on the phone so she could also talk to Michael. She was crazy, you know!"
12/12/1999   Quote from Eddie Van Halen

Rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen was interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine in 1984. In the interview, he explained why he didn't ask for any royalties over the sales of "Beat It," the song on which he plays a guitar solo.
"I did it as a favor. I didn't want anything. Maybe Michael will give me dance lessons someday. I was a complete fool, according to the rest of the band [Van Halen], our manager and everybody else. I was not used. I knew what I was doing. I don't do something unless I want to do it."
14/12/1999   Michael Jackson talks to MTV

As part of their Best Videos of All Time special, MTV US showed excerpts of the exclusive interview of the King of Pop they had with TV Guide.
A few excerpts from that interview were broadcast last Saturday on MTV US. MTV Europe will also air this special during the week-end of December 18th-19th.

Here is the transcription of Michael's quotes about his videos:

About "Beat It"...
"Well, when I wrote 'Beat It' I don't know why, but I did about, you know, two gangs coming together and the song is so self-explanatory that it's so easy to make this short film. And I'd seen I think it was a Mc Donald's commercial and I said, 'God, I like the rhythm and the cut of this commercial.' I said, 'I want this director for this piece.' So I reached out to him."

About what makes a great video...
"In my opinion, it has to be completely entertaining and have a sense of, a linear sense of continuity."

About "Thriller"...
"Hi, I'm Michael Jackson. My idea was to make this short film with conversation... a beginning, I like having a beginning and a middle and an ending, which would follow a story.
I'm very much involved in complete making and creating of the piece. It has to be, you know, my soul. Usually, you know, it's an interpretation of the music."

About John Landis...
"I love working with John Landis. We laugh a lot. We are never serious on a set. [laughs] It's fun working with John. I used to throw water balloons, and steep bombs and everything at him. It's a ritual for me. On each video, I throw a lot of stuff at everybody. [smiling] So that's funny."

About Vincent Price's rap...
"That was one of the first rap, actually, I've known Vincent Prince since I was 11. He did a great job. The first time I met him it was at the NBC studios. He said 'Come here!' like that [pointing his finger], in his kinda gruesome voice, and I started to cry because I was... I thought he was serious and he scared me."

About the zombis...
"I like the scene when all the zombis are coming toward us and she thinks she's safe with me, you know, being her boyfriend, and she looks over to me and I become one. And then we do that thing, pull in and pull out moves. Hitchcock move. I love that moment.
I remember my original approach was how do you make the zombis and monsters a dance without being comical. So I got in a room with Michael Peters. He and I together kind of imagined how zombis should move. I thought it should start like, you know, like, that kind of thing [miming the dance]. We were going through this kind of jazzy stuff."

About creating videos...
"I want to, you know, create, do something that's totally different and unusual, to take it a step forward and innovate, or else, why am I doing it?
I knew if we did something with substance and content that people would watch and if it had a great entertainment value and it held you, I knew it'd be okay."

16/12/1999   Tribute to Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff

The new issue of Billboard magazine (Dec. 18) features a tribute to Philadelphia International Records for their 30th Anniversary. The famous record company was founded by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff whose credits include production of the Jacksons' albums The Jacksons and Goin' Places.
Michael Jackson paid a tribute to the great musicians by placing an advertisement page in this issue of Billboard (see enclosed picture).
17/12/1999   Michael Lends His Voice to a Video Game Character

Sega's "Space Channel 5" is a new musical action game for Dreamcast. It features a character named "Space Michael" whose voice is actually done by Michael Jackson. The King of Pop does not sing in the game but talks and does his trademark howling.
In "Space Channel 5", you play Ulala, a TV reporter investigating a sudden invasion of aliens in a plot-line similar to Captain Eo. You must save humanity by proving your superior dancing skills to the invaders all while scooping a rival reporter in your effort to get the whole story.
18/12/1999   Desmond Child writes for Michael Jackson

Desmond Child is currently working on two tracks for Michael Jackson's new album.
Desmond Child is a famous Cuban-American writer that has been on top of the pop business for the past 25 years, producing hit songs in divergent styles for many artists.
Some of Child's greatest hits as a writer/composer are Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca," Bon Jovi's "Livin' On A Prayer," Aerosmith's "Crazy," Michael Bolton's "How Can We Be Lovers" or Cher's "Just Like Jesse James," to name but a few.

21/12/1999   The Highest Compliment to an Impersonator

William Bostick has been a Michael Jackson impersonator for 18 years. He is currently performing at Atlantic City's Bally's Park Place as part of the "Legends in Concert" show.
In a recent New York Times article, William Bostick is quoted as saying: "Michael Jackson watched me impersonate him in 1997 in 'Beyond Belief,' a show in Sun City, South Africa. Michael told me that he's seen a lot of Michael Jacksons all over the world, and I was by far the most talented he'd ever seen. He was on his HIStory Tour and he showed his appreciation by flying me to his concert in Johannesburg."
22/12/1999   Josh Keaton Leaves No Authority

Josk Keaton will no longer be a part of MJJ Music act No Authority.
The three remaining members of the boyband (plus new recrew Tommy McCarthy) will release their new album by the beginning of next year.
On leaving No Authority, Josh Keaton says:
"When I was in the group, I enjoyed it, but I knew that everyone has their own vision of where they want to go and where they want the group to go, and I just knew that this was the direction I wanted to go. I left peacefully, and everyone seems cool with it."
23/12/1999   Album Release - New Planning

Once again, Sony Music has postponed the working release date of Michael's new album. The album tapes won't be ready by January as originally expected.
The record company is now hoping to release a single by April, and the album by May or June.

The King of Pop is still in New York working on new tracks. To this day, he has recorded 75 new songs for the album.
23/12/1999   Hopes & Dreams for the New Millennium

The current issue of Jet, an American weekly magazine, features quotes from celebrities who share their hopes and dreams for the new millennium.
Michael Jackson is quoted with the following:
"Hopefully we will have peace around the world and better relations with all ethnic groups."
24/12/1999   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Planet Jackson wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
2000 will be a Michael Jackson year full of music, excitement and surprises.

The King of Pop has been working very hard on his new album. He is now going to rest from work during the holiday season and spend time with his children and friends.

Michael's Christmas gift to all of us is the promise of great music and art for the new year.
To add up to the excitement of anticipation, we have a piece of information that we would like to share with you.
Of all the songs the King of Pop has recorded for his new album, there are 4 tracks that he knows will make it on the final record.
Those four songs have recently been premiered to a few Sony Music executives.
The impression the new material made on these selected listeners was huge. The songs were described as "Michael's best work ever."
And this was not a promotional statement.

In early 1995, five songs from the HIStory album were premiered to Sony Music before the recording of the album was over. The five tracks were: "Scream," "They Don't Care About Us," "Money," "Stranger In Moscow" and "Earth Song."





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