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Michael Jackson Movies

During his career Michael Jackson has starred in a small number of movies as well as making a couple of cameo appearances. Being a pioneer in the field of music videos or short films as he prefers to call them his movies have also all been musicals and have tended to be groundbreaking in one form or another.

The Wiz

In 1978 he had a starring role in The Wiz, a remake of one of his own personal favourite films, "The Wizard of Oz". It was an all blackcast with Diana Ross in the starring role as Dorothy and comedian/actor Richard Pryor as The Wiz. Michael Jackson played the part of the Scarecrow. The role included singing and dancing as well as a fair amount of make up.

It was also the movie where Michael met and worked with Quincy Jones, a partnership which proved one of the most successful ever as Quincy went on to produce Michael's first 3 solo albums as an adult artist.

 Captain EO

In 1986 a 17 minute 3-D musical movie was released solely for distribution within Disney Theme Parks - Captain EO. Michael played the lead role as Captain of a spacecraft on a mission with a team of misfits to deliver a special gift to an Evil Queen.

The movie remains one of the most expensive per minute movies ever produced. It used the very latest 3-D special effects as well as being produced by George Lucas and directed by Francis Ford Coppala.


1988 saw the release of a full length Motion picture movie - Moonwalker. Its a movie which features highlights of Michael Jackson's career from his days with the Jackson 5 up to his record breaking Bad album and World Tour.

The movie features a number of short films which were released as music videos for single releases from the Bad album as well as some live stage performances. In between the music and biographical parts of the films is a basic good versus evil plot which revolves around Michael having to rescue a young girl who has been kidnapped while playing with her friends by the evil Mr Big.


In 1996 the 38 min film Ghosts was first screened. Another musical movie this time with Michael performing a number a tracks from his History Remix album, Blood on The Dance Floor.

The movie again made the most of latest special effects technology. Michael played the two main characters in the movie, the Maestro who lives at the top of a hill in a typically scary house and also the town Mayor who is on a mission with fellow town members to run the maestro out of town.

  As well as these movies Michael has also made cameo appearances in Men In Black 2, a box office hit starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones and also a lesser known movie Miss Castaway.

If you are interested in buying any of these movies make sure you browse the Michael Jackson movie dvds category and the VHS Videos.

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