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Michael Jackson Will You Be There (Promo) (Spain)

3 more pictures of this mega rare item, just click to enlarge.

Format: 12 Inch Vinyl
Artist: Michael Jackson
Year of Release:  
Catalogue Number: 659222 6
Record Label:  
Country of Orgin:  

Side A :
Will you be there (Edit)
Man in the mirror
Side B :
Will you be there (Album version)

Other Information

This could be one of the RAREST EVER 12" maxi single in Michael Jackson's whole discography. Forget about "Smile"and forget about the Brazilian presses....this is a promotion only (not for sale) maxi single 45 rpm probaby pressed in a few quantities (from 10 to 50?) only in Spain.

The back sleeve, typically Spanish, divide the tracks (4) in the two sides saying "CARA A" and "CARA B". The record contains 4 tracks, the same 4 tracks of the European cd single pressing: CARA A : Will you be there (Edit) - Man in the mirror CARA B : Girlfriend - Will you be there (Album version)

Why is this record is so rare? First of all, it would be the 8th vinyl record released from Dangerous (but this is not the point....a 9th 12" single was released from the album after this....and it was "Gone too soon"), so maybe Sony thought it was not important to release it on vinyl for the Dangerous album promotion, released 2 years before.

It was pressed only in Spain, and in a few copies, maybe because instead of Gone too soon 12" pressing, which contains in its tracklist a dance track like "Thriller", this one doesn't have any dance track, so it wasn't a reliable product for a commercial release for DJs market (in fact, from 90's until now, a vinyl production has been always scheduled in a large number of copies only for the discos and DJs market...) Some collectors still don't believe in the existence of of this item but we found it and have the photos to prove it. . The truth is that this record is real, and it was produced from Sony records in June 1993. Be sure the one is posted here is an original press!!!!

Information by Riccardo Di Bernardo

Estimated Value £650

















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