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Michael Jackson Bad Souvenir Picture Disc Singles Pack (U.K)

Format: Picture Disc
Artist: Michael Jackson
Year of Release: 1987
Catalogue Number: MJ5
Record Label: Epic
Country of Orgin: U.K

Side A: I Just Can't Stop Loving You (4:17)
Side B: Baby Be Mine (4:14)
Side A: Bad (4:05)
Side B: Bad - Dance Remix Radio Edit (4:50)
Side A: The Way You Make Me Feel (4:26)
Side B: The Way You Make Me Feel - Instumental (4:26)
Side A: Man In The Mirror (4:55)
Side B: Man In The Mirror - Instrumental (4:55)
Side A: Dirty Diana (4:42)
Side B: Dirty Diana - Instrumental (4:42)

Other Information:

10 tracks in total on 5 square picture vinyl discs. They are in a PVC wallet which can be folded out to display a full picture of Michael Jackson (14" x 21") performing.

The single discs can also be found individually, catalgue numbers below in brackets:

I Just Can't Stop Loving You ()
Bad (651155)
The Way You Make Me Feel (651275+)
Man In The Mirror (651388)
Dirty Diana (651546)

Also uncut promos of each disc exist and are very rare as only a very few are created for test pressing purposes. They appear within a clear 12" vinyl as shown below:


Estimated Value  
Estimated Value  
Estimated Value  

















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