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Do you want to know what other fans say about our work ?
How do members and costumers judge the JACKSON TRADER ?

Here are some of few hundred messages which we get every year:

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Monique M. ( Hennef Bröl / Germany)

Go on doing this great job.
Regina L. (Wien / Austria)

You are unique. Go on like this. Thank you for doing such a great work.
Juliane B. (Köln / Germany)

Your club is great. Go on like this.
Claudine M. (Überherrn / Germany)

Your offer is great.
Frank G. (Berlin / Germany)

I think it is great that I can buy rare magazines so easily from you.
Petra F. (München / Germany)

For me it is great to belong to an official fan club. A collector-shop is a great thing.
Sabine H. (Ravensburg / Germany)

Go on like this.
Carolin G. (Stuttgart / Germany)

It is great that the Jackson Trader is such an fair and good fan club. You are far better and reliable than the other traders. Honesty counts.
Monika R. (München / Germany)

Stephanie H. (Mässingen / Germany)

You are great. Continue like this. Cool that you are existing because without you I would not be able to get some of this rare collectors.
Svenja M. (Berlin / Germany)

Thank you for your engagement. Go on like this.
Theresia L. (Rottenburg /Germany)

It is really great in your club. Go on like this.
Irene L. ( Kleve / Germany)

I think that your company is great.
Jillian Sch. (Cambridge / Canada)

Continue like this.
Melanie U. ( Hessen / Germany)

You are great. Go on like this.
Monika B. (Walpertskirchen / Germany)

Continue like this.
Silvia O. (Innsbruck / Austria)

Great, especially your environment projects.
Wibke B. (Walsrade / Germany)

Go on like this.
Stephanie R. (Rehbrücke / Germany)

The club is great!
Yvonne M. (Pirna / Germany)

All is perfect! Continue like this.
ick T. (Xanthi / Greece)

I´m glad that I found the Jackson Trader. It´s great that you offer the shop and info for all fans as well as you support Michaels efforts to save our planet Earth
through your work !

Regina M. (Ludwigsfelde / Germany)

Your work is great. You are hard working. I have to give you my credit for that.
Hannelore K. (Lustenau / Germany)

It's great to know you.
Julia K. (Waltersdorf / Germany)

I'm glad that there exists this opportunity to buy MJ - stuff. Thank you.
Fränze L. (Fulda / Germany)

Continue like this. Your offer is great.
Peggy V. (Chemnitz / Germany)

It is great to know you.
Romana K. (Wien / Austria)

It is great that there is a shop like the Jackson Trader and that there are people who care. Go on like this!
Annika G. (Burscheid / Germany)

Continue like this.
Gabi R. (Zittau / Germany)

I really like the Jackson Trader. Continue like this.
Michaela F. (Plettenberg / Germany)

You are doing a great job. Good luck and continue like this.
Caroline Sch. (Villach / Austria)

Great selection of items. However, if I was rich I would buy from you all the time, as there are loads of CD`s I'd love to own.
Andrew R. (Northern Ireland)

I think you are a very good shop to buy MJ - stuff , because you have a big selection … and it is a secure shopping. You are also very spare to answer the questions of the fans. Thank you!
Sabrina G. (Beruges / France)

It is a great website, kind people, fair prices and fantastic items! It is perfect.
Elena R. ( Rocchetta T / Italy)

I like your fan - club very much and I don't want you to change anything, because all is cool. I hope in the future the fan - club will be as good as it is now!
Anna S. (Warsaw / Pdavd)

You are doing a great job, really hope you will continue…. As a president of a FC myself I know it is not easy at times!
Stefanie P. ( Udine / Italy)

Great !!!!
Maren B. (Sassnitz / Germany)

You have a good site
Claudia J. (Vandoeuvre / France)

I have ordered from the Jackson Trader a few times. I am very satisfied. I like it that the Jackson Trader is an official company so it is very secure to buy there and this is very important for me. Go on like this.
Nicole B. (Gieboldehausen / Germany)

Go on like this. You are doing a great work.
Sebastian M. (Cunewalde / Germany)

Michael G. (Norheim / Germany)

Go on like this. I am looking forward to buy from you.
Serjoscha T. (Neuwied / Germany)

I think it is great that the Jackson Trader has such a wide range of articles from the King of Pop.
Chris D. (Freudenstadt /Germany)

Thank you very much for your patience and the nice conversation.
Arved M. (Unterföhring / Germany)

Stay as you are. The newsletters and catalogues are great. Thank you.
Almut M. (Berlin / Germany)

I like the Jackson trader team because you are fair and you are answering all the questions. I had troubles with other fan clubs because I am from Rumania . They were afraid that I could not pay my bills so they even not answered my questions. But you answered my questions immediately although I only had a question without ordering something. You are great. Thank you !! I am looking forward to order from you as soon as I will have more money.
Diana (Sibiu / Rumänien)

Thanks for everything. I like this kind of mails and send me more Mike's picture!!
Katja K. (Lievestuore / Finland)

You are great. Stay as you are!
Ivonne B. (Berlin / Germany)

The Jackson - Trader is really a great deal. Your service and your stuff are great.. This is like I want to have a club. The membership fee is o.k. too. I hope you go on like this. It would be great to have mo re special offers !
Matthias S. (Weitramsdorf / Germany)

I am glad of your amazing fan shop. You are unique. It is the best I have ever seen.
Reinhold R. (Rossdorf / Germany)

Nice initiative. Keep it up.
Marian E. (Poeldijk / Netherlands)

Stay as you are.
Stefanie H. (Bremen / Germany)

Go on like this.
Kornelia A. (Gefrees / Germany)

Please keep up the great work, you are really a good club for all the Michael fans all over the world!
Bertien K. (RP Utrecht / Netherlands)

I am really glad that it is so easy to order from the Jackson Trader and to get every kind of items.
Margit P. ( Wilgleinsdorf / Austria)

It is great that the Jackson trader is an official company.
Nina W. ( Nürtingen / Germany)

Greetings and thank you very much for the friendly service.
Patrick S. (Aesch / Switzerland)

You are really helpful and I appreciate your environmental projects. Go on like this!!
Nemeth A. (Hungary)

You are great!
Stefan K. (Freiburg / Germany)


We would be glad to get your message, ideas and criticism.
Just send us an E-Mail

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