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What format Dvd

A commonly asked question is what format dvd shall I buy? Or will the dvd play in my dvd player?

Firstly, all our dvds are region free. This means this is not an issue and it doesn't matter if your dvd player will play dvd region 0, 1 or 2. Region free means they will play in all regions.

Secondly there is dvd format. Most dvd players these days can play both formats which are PAL and NTSC regardless of what country you are in.

However some dvd players will only play the one format of there country. These dvd players tend to be the more expensive well known brand names which restrict to one format. Other cheaper dvd players tend to play both formats. Or if dvd player is old it may well only play the standard format for your country.

NTSC is much more likely to play in a PAL format country.

Typically PAL format is for European countries and NTSC is for U.S.A and Canada.

If you are unsure, check your dvd player, it may well say on the dvd player itself, or you will have to check the booklet that came with it.

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