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Over the years Michael has worked with many artists on a number of songs. For many he has provided his vocal talents. Later in his career he wrote and co-produced a number of songs that were sung by other artists. The table below highlights all the known songs Michael has officially worked with other artists in some capacity. It doesn't include songs which have just sampled his music.

Motown At The Hollywood Palace (1970)

A medley of Jackson 5 tracks recorded at the “The Hollywood Palace”. It'ss the first album to contain a live performance of the Jackson 5.

Medley: Sing A Simple Song / Can You remember / I Want You Back

1971 - Diana! (1971)

Two medley's of the Jackson 5 contains recorded during the TV shows of Diana Ross.

Medley 1 : Mama's Pearl / Walk On By / The Love You Save
Medley 2 : I'll Be There / Feelin' Alright

1973 - Jermaine(1971) (1973)

During the early Mowtown Jackson 5 years Jermain did a solo album which featured the Jackson 5 on the choruses on the song “That's How Love Goes”.

1973 - A Motown Christmas (1973)

A special Mowtown album for the Christmas of 1973. Features the “Little Christmas Tree” by Michael. Album also includes the song “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town of by the Jackson 5 which is from the Jackson 5's own “Christmas Album” of 1970.

1974 - Fulfillingness' First Finale (1974)

A Stevie Wonder album which features the Jackson 5 on the chorus of “You Haven' t Done Nothin'”.

1978 - The Wiz (1978)

the all black cast remake of The Wizard of Oz. Michael starred as the Scarecrow and featured on the following songs from the soundtrack:

Ease One Down The Road (3 versions of this song).
You Can' t Win (Michael in solo)
Be A Lion (Michael is in the choruses).
A Brand New Day (Michael is in the choruses)

1979 - Keep The Fire (1979)

A Kenny Loggins album. Michael sings on the choruses of album track “Who' s Right Who' s Wrong”.

1980 - Old Crest On The New Wave (1980)

A Dave Mason album. Dave has a duet with Michael on the track "Save Me".

1980 - Love Lives Forever (1980)

This was an album of virtual duets recorded after the death of Minnie Riperton (1947-1979). Michael sings a duet with Minnie on the song “I'm In Love Again”.

1980 - LaToya Jackson (1980)

Latoya Jackson first solo album. Michael wrote the track “Night Time Lover” and sang on the chorus.

1980 - Hotter Than July (1980)

A Stevie Wonder album. Michael sings on the choruses of the track “All I Do”.

1980 - Light Up The Night (1980)

An album by Brothers Johnson. Michael co wrote the track “This Had To Be” as well as singing on the chorus.

1981 - The Dude (1981)

An album by Quincy Jones. Michael sings on the chorus of the track “The Dude”.

1981 - Share Your Love (1981)

An album by Kenny Rogers. Michael sings the choruses with Lionel Richie on the song “Goin' Back To Alabama

1981 - Sometimes Late At Night (1981)

An album by Carole Bayer Sager. Michael produced and sings a duet on the track “Just Friends”.

1982 - Synapse Gap (1982)

An album by Joe “King” Carrasco. Michael sings on the chorus of the track “Don' t Let A Woman Make A Fool Out Of You”.

1982 - Wolf (1982)

An album by Bill Wolfer. Michael sings on the choruses of two songs “So Shy” and “Papa Was A Rollin' Stone”.

1982 - Donna Summer (1982)

An album by Donna Summer. Michael sings on the chorus of the track “State Of Independence”.

1982 - Silk Electric (1982)

An album by Diana Ross. Michael wrote and produced the track “Muscles”.

1983 - Pipes Of Peace (1983)

Album by Paul McCartney. Michael Co-writing and sings duet with Paul on two tracks of the album “Say Say Say” and “The Man”. "Say Say Say" was a worldwide hit single.

1983 - Nightline (1983)

An album by Randy Crawford. Randy sings the song "Nightline" which Michael orginally did a demo for during his Thriller sessions.

1983 - Motown Superstars sing Motown Superstars (1983)

Features a previously unreleased track by the Jackson 5 called Ask The Lonely”.

1984 - Somebody' s Watching Me (1984)

An album Rockwell Gordy, son of Mowtown boss Berry Gordy. Michael sang on the chorus of the track “Somebody' s Watching Me”. It was a released as a single and went on to be a number one U.S single on the billboard charts.

1984 - Dynamite (1984)

A Jermaine Jackson solo album. Michael sings a duet with Jermaine on the track “Tell Me I' m Not Dreamin'”.

1984 - Centipede (1984)

An album by Rebbie Jackson, Michael's oldest sister. Michael produced and sings in the in the chorus of the track “Centipede”.

1984 - Dream Street (1984)

Janet Jackson's first solo album. Features Michael in the chorus of the song “Don't Stand Another Chance”.

1984 - A Special Part Of Me (1984)

An album by Johnny Mathis. Michael co wrote the track “Love Never Feel So Good”. Michael also recorded a demo of this track during the Thriller sessions.

1985 - Pulse (1985)

An album by Greg Phillinganes who was a musician for Michael over many years. Michael co-wrote the track “Behind The Mask”.


1985 - We Are The World (1985)

Michael co-wrote with Lionel Richie the worldwide charity hit single “We Are The World” . He also sang along with a host of Amercia's biggest music stars. The track also appears on an album by the same name.

1985 - Say You Love Me (1985)

An album by Jennifer Holliday. Michael co-wrote and produced the track “You' re The One”.

1985 - Eaten Alive (1985)

An album by Diana Ross. Michael Co-wrote and sang in the the chorus of the track “Eaten Alive”.

1987 - Characters (1987)

An album by Stevie Wonder. Michael sings a duet Stevie a on the track “Get It”.

1988 - As Good As It Gets (1988)

An album by Deniece Williams. Features the track “We Are Here To Change The World” which Michael sang in the Disney theme park short film “Captain EO” in 1986.

1990 - Ralph Tresvant (1990)

An album by Ralph Tresvant. Michael co-wrotethe track “Alright Now”.

1990 - The Simpsons Sing The Blues (1990)

Album containing several songs from the popular animated the series “The Simpsons”. Although it is not mentioned in the album credits, several sources have attributed Michael with co-writing and co-producing the song “Do The Bartman” sung by the character of Bart Simpson. It was a worldwide hit single. It also mentions Michael Jackson in the song.

1991 - I Was Born Yesterday (1991)

An album by Safire. Michael Co-wrote the track “I Never Heard”.

1992 - Love' s Alright (1992)

An album by Eddie Murphy. Michael sings a duet with Eddie on the track “Whatzupwitu” and sings with several other artists on the track “Yeah”.

1992 - Music From The New World (1992)

An album by Bryan Loren. Michael sings on the choruses on the track “To Satisfy You”.

1994 - Blackstreet (1994)

An album by BLACKstreet. Michael Co-wrote the track “Joy”.

1995 - Dreams & Illusions (1995)

An album by Siegfried & Roy. They were two famous illusionists who performed in Las Vegas and friends of Michael. On this album Michael sings a sol song called “Mind Is The Magic” which used as background music in part of the Siegfried & Roy shows. The rest of the album is of other music they used during there show.

1995 - Brotherhood (1995)

The first album by 3T (3 nephews of Michael, sons of Tito). Michael sang in choruses of the tracks “Why” and “I Need You” and produced the track “Words Without Meaning”.

1997 - Songs In The Key Of Springfield (1997)

An album containing songs from the animated series “The Simpsons”. Michael had lent done the voice of a character during an episode and written a song called “Happy Birthday Lisa”. However, due to his Sony record contract he could not sing it so John Clay Smith did it in Michael Jackson style.

1998 - Children' s Holiday (1998)

Japanese group J Friends. Michael wrote and produced the track “Children' s Holiday”.

1998 - Yours Faithfully (1998)

Best of of Rebbie Jackson. Includes the song “Centipede” (from album of same name) but also a song written and co-produced by Michael for the Bad album called “Fly Away”. Michael sings the chorus.

1999 - People Of The World (1999)

A J Friends album which includes a sing written by Michael called “People Of The World”.

2001 - What More Edge I Give (2001)

After the attacks in the U.Son of September 11, 2001 Michael wrote a song to raise money entitled “What More Can I Give” which was recorded in both English and Spanish. It featured a number of musics biggest stars.

2002 - Full Moon (2002)

An album by Brandy. Michael sings in the chorus of the track: “It' s Not Worth It”.

2002 - All Eyez One Me (2002)

An album by Monica. The song: “All Eyez One” uses a sample of the song P.Y.T , one of Michaels past hits from the Thriller album. This sample contains new ad libs by Michael.

2002 - I' m Just Corey (2002)

An album by Corey. A virtual duet with Michael on the song “All I Do” taking Mihaels voice from the Jackson 5 album “Moving Violation”.

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