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The Michael Jackson Internet Superstore

markus likes to live dangerously

I, Adam have been the proprietor and manager of Jackson Trader since August 2002. I bought the site and stock of items over to the UK from Austrian founder Markus Leyacker.

I've have been a fan of Michael Jacksons since 1988 and the "Bad" album.

I just found that with time the magic of hearing some of my favourite Michael Jacksons songs and seeing live performances or his videos never died (like with other artists I no longer listen to or watch.

After the release of "You rock My World" which is one of my favourite altime Michael Jackson songs, and then the release of the album "Invincible", my interest in Michael was greatly renewed.

Previously it had always been difficult to find collectables, but in the age of the internet and realising I finally had a bit of spare cash to get hold of Michael Jacksons live performances, particuarly the 30th Anniversary Concert in Madison Square Gardens, which at time still hadn't been aired on UK television.

It snowballed from there, and being an internet promoter I built my first Michael Jackson website All Michael Jackson which was to have a few links to items for sale on it as well as latest news, pictures and facts on the career of "The King of Pop".

When I saw the opportunity to take over this great and well run JACKSON TRADER website, it was perfect timing.

Alot of things have changed over the years including the domain name, website design and products offered. Its been really hard work. I learnt the hard way always to be 100% sure of what you are getting when you pay for it. I was assured of hundreds of collectibles, little did I know that over 100+ of those would be Empty Mystery Drinks Cans, and another 100+ California Raisans. combined with a number of broken cd cases, it was not the best start.

Markus Leyacker orginal founder of "Jackson Trader" can be seen in the image on the right, hes the guy on the old mans head. He sold the Jackson Trader to Adam Stein in August 2002 to concentrate on his career in law.

Any questions to Adam? Feel free to contact me.

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